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Don't post about exploitable bugs on the forums

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:47 pm
by Cynar
Ok, some of you are gonna make me be that guy. The one who has to repeat himself about something that should be common sense. It's there in the rules for everyone to read.

"5) You will not exploit any bug in the game. You are required to report any exploit you may find while playing to any or all staff members. DO NOT POST EXPLOITS ON ANY FORUMS!"

If you find a bug, a bug that is or could lead to a possible exploit of a game mechanic. Do not post how you did it or how to do it on the forums. I mean come on...... I shouldn't have to be telling you folks this. You are telling the people how to cheat and handing them a how to guide. Not only could it lead to potential problems in the game, but it can and will get you banned from the server.

Once again if you suspect something is a bug or an exploit, contact a member or members of the staff. Don't be the person who gets banned because you didn't take a minute to think, "hey is this the right thing to do?"

Re: Don't post about exploitable bugs on the forums

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 2:26 pm
by Cynar
I also want to add that there were a number of people over the last few days that found exploits and reported them. Thank you for that.

There have been a number of other people that are on that list who didn't come forward. When I make it to your account name and you haven't contacted me or Ed, your ass is mine. You can kiss your entire account goodbye. If you have family members in your household you can explain to them why their accounts are gone as well.

I'm looking through log files today and tomorrow. Best make your peace.