Awakening Rules

Rules & Policies for the game server and forum
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1) We allow one game account per household. Each account provides 10 character slots & up to 2 characters online at the same time. Exceptions are occasionally made for family, roommates, and others living in the same household (they will be dealt with on case by case basis). If you wish to request an additional account for other members of your family, please submit a ticket and wait for approval. Do not create multiple accounts without prior approval of Awakening Staff. You run the risk of being suspended or banned if you do so. These accounts are for real live family members that are active behind the keyboard, not for one person to run multiple accounts.
2) Do not share accounts.
3) All accounts and characters used for financial gain will be deleted/banned. It is forbidden to use your account for:
  • -Soliciting real life monetary trades.
    -Purchasing of in-game credits or items for real life currency.
    -Exchange of in-game items/credits for real life items.
    -Exchange of in-game items/credits for items/currency from other games.
4) Character, Guild, Item & Structure names can not be:
  • -Vile, profane, rude, or racist.
    -Combinations of words that produce an offensive result.
    -Any and all drug references.
    -Any historical or religious references. (e.g God, Jesus, Allah, Satan, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, etc...)
    -Names chosen to harass another player or group
    -Names chosen with the intent, or possessed of the effect of harming the reputation of, or used to impersonate a SWG Awakening Developer, CSR or Representative.
5) You will not exploit any bug in the game. You are required to report any exploit you may find while playing to any or all staff members. DO NOT POST EXPLOITS ON ANY FORUMS!
6) Using 3rd party hacks & cheats on our server is strictly forbidden. This can include MODS designed to give in-game advantages such as damage reduction to your character or damage increase that your character deals or abilities to see beyond what the game originally intended by disabling textures (i.e. wall hack or removal of weather effects).
7) Do not use the in game chat system to post obscene, drug related, threatening, racial, vulgar, hostile, or sexually-orientated messages.
8) Do not use the in game chat system to post user's real-world personal information without his or her expressed permission.
9) Do not impersonate another person, indicate falsely that you are a SWG Awakening Staff Member or a representative of any other community. Likewise, do not make accusations of other players being staff.
10) No spam or advertisements in the in-game chat system. (anything going off faster than 3mins a message)
11) Do not promote or advertise other SWG Servers in the in-game chat system, on the forums, in pm's, or in Teamspeak.
12) Check forums from time to time for rule changes or other important information. Profession-specific rules are generally stickied in the respective profession threads.
13) Please do not antagonize the staff. They are voluntary. Keep in mind these forums are private and it is not a democracy. While we encourage people to post, some people sometimes take things too far and must be dealt in a different manner. We determine this manner.

First offense = 48 hours
Second offense = 2 weeks
Third offense = 30 Days
Fourth offense = Permanent

We usually will warn players before banning them. We keep a list of players, dates, times, and offense(s) committed for our purposes. Once you have been banned for any infraction of the rules, ANY next rule offense will move you to the next ban period. We aren't trying to be mean, we just don't have time to deal with children or adults that continue to break rules. ANY and ALL appeals or questions regarding the rules, must be emailed/PM'd to BigQEd.

  • * Failure to follow these rules may result in a permanent ban from the SWG Awakening website & the SWG Awakening game server. Respect the Awakening staff's authority. Please use only English to communicate. It is okay to use other languages in private messages and forums groups. Do not report same post repeatedly. All policies apply to the website, game server and teamspeak.
    ** These rules are subject to change at anytime. We reserve the right to make changes as needed.