PVE Event - Saturday 11th August - 10pm GMT

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Hello awakeners,

On Saturday 11th August at 10pm GMT i will be hosting a PVE event it will take place on Rori and we will have a cloner set up and a CSR buffing throughout the event and even one of dirge's new droids to clear stomach's.

The event will start promptly at 10pm so ensure you are there just beforehand we will offer waypoint to location 30 minutes beforehand and the event should take approx 1 hour.

I will release more details on the day at the event to explain the story going into it and what the agenda is.

I will say work as a group ensure your going there prepared.

We will host 2 games of dice of death after the event for everyone who participates so that is a chance to win 2 CSR Tokens and you will receive the live event badge also.

Any questions please feel free to PM me on discord or the forums.

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