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Find the Psion!

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 1:07 am
by Psion
THE WINNER IS... LOCNAR! Congratulations for your persistence. It is only four days into the month. I will try harder to hide myself next month.

Good morning to all you sentients! As my compatriot Heimdallr is unavailable for your amusement, I have volunteered to participate in his place for your revels.

Using my superior intellect and skills, I have traveled across the galaxy to various places, and taken a small holo of them. I challenge you to discover where I traveled with only these small references.

There are 10 pictures of places that Psion has visited this month 1 for every planet, the aim is for you to find all 10 and take a screenshot of yourself at the place with your coords on show also as well as a time stamp on your chat i want your toon to be shouting "where are you Psion" in each picture.

You must contact Psion via forum email or discord with the pictures to be in for a chance of winning. Your entry time will be determined from when you mail or message me with the picture,NOT from your time stamp.

The first person to get all 10 pictures will win a CSR token. There is also a prize for the first people to get in the picture of a location (e.g loks picture).

So there are 10 prizes up for grabs and a CSR token, if you are beaten to one location try another and always make sure you get them all to win that big prize.

Best of luck to all you sentients.

Naboo- Locnar
Tatooine- Locnar
Endor- Locnar
Rori- Locnar
Lok- Tardaan, Locnar
Corellia- Locnar
Talus- Locnar
Dathomir- Locnar
Dantooine- Locnar
Yavin IV- Locnar