January 2021 Race Track

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The Rogue Wanderer and the SWG Awakening Racing Team, in collaboration with The CorSec Racing League are proud to Announce the Monthly Race Track for January 2021. This months Race Track will be the Agrilat Swamp Track, 1680, 4700 Corellia

The Race Track Will be Active for Prizes from Server Reset 0800 Friday 22nd January 2021 thru Server Reset 0800 Monday the 25th. First Prize is a CSR Token, Second & Third Prize are for Something from the Rogue Goodie Bag. As with all Race Tracks, Force Running Jedi are prohibited, the log records the Presence of the skill, and all Jedi with Force Run 2 & 3 will be Disqualified. Let have fun!

The Rogue Wanderer

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