Support staff positions

Staff openings will be posted here with a complete list of requirements and instructions for applying.
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We are looking for good player helpers. They are known as CSi's (Customer Support Intern).

What does a CSI do? CSI will help players that are having problems on the forums, in-game, and those having problems getting in-game. They will assist in keeping spammers and toublemakers in check. They will also have access to our test environment and help test new patches and content if they desire. They will also have more input into the direction of the game.This is not a full-time job and we prefer you spend most of your time playing and having fun.

Attributes we are looking for:
-Online a lot! (8+ hours a day)
-Awakening Player (at least 3 months experience on Awakening, the more the better!) and be in good standings with the player base.
-Kind to others (just a generally nice person)
-Selfless (gives of their time)
-Neutral (or able to flip the switch)
-Honest and Integrity (this is huge of course)
-Reliable and available (must be ready to do this whole heartedly)
-Must have access to use Teamspeak (microphone, speakers, headset, etc.)

Please submit request to Dirge, StaticStrife, or Shepherd via PM.

Please use the following application Q&A format
-Did you play swg during live, swgemu, or both?
-Which server(s) did you play on?
-What was your forum handle(s)?
-What makes you think you would be good for this spot?
-Give me and idea of why I should choose you to be part of the Awakening Staff?

*Individuals in Time Zones outside the US preferred at this time.