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......of players who make poor choices due to anger or self stupidity. See I didn't bother reading the forums, talking to other players, or reading the box that popped up when I logged onto my Jedi for the first time in months. Like many other people I don't feel it's necessary to pay attention when I play an online game.

You'll have to forgive my arrogance, because I just expect people to spend their free time correcting my mistakes. See I'm a member of the entitled generation. I expect everything the way I want it, when I want it and to hell with the rules. If I don't get things the way I want I just take it out on everyone else, even though in reality my own poor choices are the real reason for my shortcomings.

So I'll go over here and stomp my feet for a bit. Cheers!

In game = Javaris-Javar/O'doyle
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chriscorn wrote:Cynar is a poopoohead!!
You have not posted in 6 months and this is your triumphant return to the forums!?