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Just for you Handy. Not that it's a rule to come solo.. which for some reason Jedi seem to believe we have to come alone... Heres several solo kills and the recent one, that shows I am indeed alone.

Just remember Jedi friends, the more shit you talk... the more you die and loose xp/fr...

Have a great day everyone!!

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Well back in the day jedi would actually be a challenge to most bh's/palyers but seeing lately the jedi template is so weak and we run out of force so fast. Everyone might as play as a bh rather then a jedi. I just coming back after a few years. Even back then jedis were so weak it was rather embarassing to play a jedi to begin with. So will see how much has changed but looking at alot of posts nothing has changed that aspect

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When we originally were setting up I was a proponent for much harder to unlock, but much stronger Jedi. Out of the 10 of us only 3 wanted Alpha class Jedi. Even after launch and the shrinking staff I still pushed for stronger Jedi but was overruled. I also wanted Jedi to have saber tef as well as grouped players to be able to engage the BH. Thought being it could lead to bigger group battles or at least make BH team up, maybe have to play smarter if solo hunting.

BH was given huge advantages over Jedi. While I was certainly ok with them being tweaked I always believed that limiting to them to hunting Jedi only was a mistake. If it had been up to me alone, launch would have been delayed about 2-3 months and several classes would have been tweaked to make more enjoyable, who knows maybe even a little original.

I wasn’t doing all the hard or stressful work the other guys (Ed & Aso) were prior to launch, so I didn’t make these things the hill to die on. I was hoping after Jedi unlocked they would lean more my direction, but such is life. I still respect those guys and have had a lot of fun hanging with them. Same goes for the Awakening players.


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