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After over 1000 days logged think I'd better get myself in an active guild. Have much more free time now and play mostly evenings during the week.

UK based so a guild with active Eurozone players would be nice. Preferably with a Corellia or Dantooine base.

Can be found on Jam or Calon usually. Drop me a tell or IG mail.

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TJM are always looking for good players. We are Imp/Neutral. You know we are based primarily on Tat, but we have a presence across the galaxy. Get in touch with me, Talmoc or Absinthe if interested.

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Always great to see fellow old timers return.

Welcome back

Mg has a lot of Europeans like myself I am from England, we also have a lot of other nationalities from all over the world if your interested let me know I can give you more info.

Happy new year and enjoy

Turin Ryak

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To follow up on Turin's post, <MG> has 4 cities on 3 planets....including Mos Barrio on Dantooine

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