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Guys I know some of you are extremely passionate people. I get it, I can be at times too. I know some of you are passionate about the server, your friends, things in life etc. I know people feel the need to voice their opinion on occasion and that's why we have a suggestion area for "gameplay".

I'm going to get where I'm going now. Over the years of running the server people have felt the need to lecture the staff, me more than others because I'm more active but also because I have a big mouth. It's who I am. Love me or leave me, but don't try to change me. For those that feel the need to become "insert preacher or Hero type name here _______." Don't.

I don't want to hear it and all it's going to do is get you time off of the forums . Right or wrong don't ever presume to lecture staff. Ed's been lecturing me for quite a long time and he's finally figured out it does no good & he's still around. Please save both me and your blood pressure the time. I will shut it down and desentigrate it everytime.

Live long and force choke........


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