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wut up. im new here & am looking for a guild that is active. in time as i level i will have both imp & rebel toons. im more into the social part of the game them pvping. mostly cuz im horrid ! it lol. anywho if any1 wants to hit me up ingame that would be great! thanks to all! mymain ingame right now is Kuho

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The Journeymen are always looking for good folks to play and have fun with. We are Imp/Neutral.

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Dropoff vendor--Sockeye Dropoff -21 3766, Bedrock, Tatooine (NW of Mos Entha)
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Hello and welcome back to SWG and to Awakening.

If there's anything I can help with, please feel free to contact me in game or on forums.

Awakening has it's own teamspeak, feel free to pop on there anytime. Come get to know us and have fun! Very good and easy way to meet and get to know people and ask questions galore. You can find most people hang out on MG channel as it's an open door policy so all sorts of riff raff come in :) .

Teamspeak channel:

Contact Turin or ask in neutral chat for someone who can give you permissions on the teamspeak channel. If I am not in game, you can contact me via pm on forums and I'll come on to give permissions so you're free to move around on teamspeak.

I am the end game strategist and huntsmen officer in MG guild.
We have 3 cities on the server:
New Destiny on Corellia is located 1km south of coronet. I am mayor there on Inziladun. It is an scientific society which means 3 hour mind buffs and enhanced doctor buffs also. There are 24/7 buffers there supplied by Airy Bubbles the entertainer - her solo group with 3 faction pets, and Novro the doctor, supplying bivoli buffs reaching to 2800+ buffs in the beautifully decorated bespin cantina. New Destiny is known as a very busy business hub, being the home to a lot of the server best crafters and their vendors. You can find pretty much everything you need there. Also check out the wookie treehouse mall where you find a lot of vendors and the Yt-1300 mall while in town.

MG also has 2 other cities both located on Tatooine:
Tuskens Bane has just celebrated its 2nd anniversary in April. The mayor of TB is Laschana. It is a beautifully decorated and laid out city with many houses and guild halls that are wonderfully decorated. Tuskens Bane is a industrial society, meaning you get bonuses to crafting assembly and experimentation . Arykha is the full time entertainer there with an ATST solo group, and Arckaine is the doc buffer. 24/7 buffs are supplied in the brilliantly decorated cantina. Check out the 2 mustafarian bunkers and Caledonians incredible bespin shop as well as 2 very well stocked malls while in town.

The second city of Tatooine is the newly made Ghorfas' Ruin, which is located 900m from Fort Tusken. It is a scientific society with a resident doctor pookielamb and erkskine our 24/7 fully taped entertainer on the stage of the beautifully rustic designed cantina. It also is the home of 2 rebel and 2 imperial bases specifically located to the north and south of the city for faction grinding and base buffs. The city layout is currently getting set up with the city being split into rebel and imperial, and it will be a courtyard layout. With plenty of open area in centre of town to host events and pvp, pvp is openly encouraged here. There is a commando bunker mini mall set up that will have vendors very shortly and the cantina currently is looking for a full time entertainer but Tuskens Bane is only a shuttle trip away.

We do regular guild events such as pvp tournaments,quiz nights. And we have our Friday night krayt hunting. We have a lot of established players who daily go to geo caves,dwb,axkva and smc. They welcome people to join them to get involved and enhance themselves.

If you see any of the MG guys and gals around, we are all happy to assist anyone and are a massive family, so if we can help you out feel free to ask. Also feel free to use any of the cities facilities

Here is a list of officers in MG that you can contact if you need anything.

Felerof <Guild Leader>
Fuzion <XO>
Turin<End game strategist and huntsman>
Caledonian<Resource Management>


Turin Ryak

Alt's: Inziladun, Nienor, Luthien, Hurin, Ezellohar,Laiquendi,Glaurang

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Welcome! And <MG> is where it's at. I've had a blast with them so far. Very friendly and very helpful.

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I just sent Laschana a replay mail about guilding. After reading more about <MG> seems like a perfect fit for me. Knowing players hail from my old Chilly server,well im all in! lol