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Tickets, Bug reports and response times

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:06 am
by Cynar
Hey everyone,

I just want to provide a quick explanation of how things work and what you should expect when you put in a ticket, bug report, or send a admin email.

1) Tickets are handled by CSR staff.

When you submit a ticket it can take as little as 5 minutes for staff to look at it, it can be up to 8 hour. This is just for us to look at it. In many cases it may require research, discussion, and sometimes varying/multiple combo's of both. When you put a ticket in most are handed currently by Shadow or myself. In some cases these may need to be escalated to a Dev depending on the situation.

I am beating a dead horse here for sure, but I will do it again because some of you have other-worldy expectations on response times and fulfilments. We have real lives folks. We currently have over 75 open ticket requests. We have hundreds of bug reports open. While we for certain want you to report bugs so they can be addressed and fixed, we have way too many tickets going in our system for bullshit. When you put in a ticket for fluff crap your are wasting time that we have to dedicate to bugs and testing.

What qualifies as bullshit you may ask:

A. Names changes - I am just going to start closing these.
B. Something is missing from my inventory that was just there
C. I can't get on my bike, buy a travel ticket, anything caused by desync........
D. Fake tickets of exploit claims or harassment. Don't file a ticket because you are in a bad mood or got mad because of life. [Be sure you are really being harassed, oppressed, or that someone is cheating]

E. I can't login. If you can login to the website to file a ticket the game server is OFFLINE.
F. The server crashed and I lost 4 hours of XP or 25k credits. Regrind it The server is gonna crash folks. Shit's gonna get lost and or deleted. If it's not the pick of destiny, don't put in a ticket.
G. I died to a bounty hunter and X happened ........ GO AWAY. Suck it up and grind the xp. If it's a bug report it. Don't expect XP back. I was pretty clear and very serious about this in the Jedi forums.
H. Last but not least, do not submit tickets asking if your Jedi unlock is bugged. The ticket will be prompted closed. Don't believe rumors, don't speculate, it's not busted. You have not met all the requirements to unlock and we aren't going to give you suggestions.

2) Don't message Staff unless you have a real problem or concern. We handle everything through the ticket system, unless its crap.

3) Don't message a Dev or Ed unless instructed to by CSR. They don't have time to answer your questions about code or how something is supposed to work. If they want to make new friends they will login to Farmers Only Dot Com!! :o

Seriously everyone. We aren't trying to be dicks and we do enjoy our interaction with players, but lets be real. Some of you have the same expectations of customer service and attention that a staff from a AAA pay to play company would provide. While we don't tout world class services here, we do pretty darn good in most cases to address issues everyday. If something takes a while don't get pissy or pester. It takes as long as it takes.

When you do put in a ticket please make sure that you provide GREAT DETAILS and SCREENSHOTS. Please don't post Windows Error messages unless we specifcally ask you to!!

You can save both you and the staff a lot of time from visiting the forums periodically to see what's changing!

Re: Tickets, Bug reports and response times

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 1:25 pm
by ShadowWalker
Harvester/factory tickets are currently being worked on, please bare with me while i get through them! I can only do so much in a day :) I know a lot of you have been asking :)


over half the tickets are waiting on your responses to get things back to you! :)