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Tickets, Bug Reports and Response Times

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:06 am
by Cyclone
Hey everyone,

I just want to provide a quick explanation of how things work and what you should expect when you put in a ticket, bug report, or send an admin email.

1) Tickets are handled by CSRs and senior staff.

When you submit a ticket it can take as little as 5 minutes for staff to look at it, or many hours. This is just for us to look at it. In many cases it may require research, discussion, and sometimes varying/multiple combo's of both. When you put a ticket in, currently most are handled by Cyclone (but viewable and discussed by all active staff).

I want to remind people that we are all volunteers here, we do this because we love providing our community a place to play SWG. We have families, work and lives that need attending to, we aren't able to be here 24/7, so don't expect response times of a premium service with paid workers manning the hotlines all the time.

Please don't post tickets about:

A. Names changes - We don't grant these unless there are exceptional circumstances or someone broke our rules around naming.
B. Fake tickets of exploit claims, bug reports or harrasment [Be sure you are really being harassed, experiencing a bug, or that someone is cheating]
C. The server crashed and I lost 4 hours of XP or 25k credits. The server will crash from time to time, and things will get lost, it affects everyone, even us. To try and prevent extensive rollback like in the previous example the server database saves every ~5 minutes.
D. I died to a bounty hunter and X happened... This is the life of a Jedi. You are in the time period of Star Wars where Jedi were hunted to near extinction and we uphold the belief that Jedi shouldn't be easy... although, if it's a bug report it. Don't expect XP back or FRS regranted unless you can provide us definitive proof that it was a bug and our logs support that.
E. Last but not least, do not submit tickets asking if your Jedi unlock is bugged. They don't bug out, the system is sound. Don't believe rumors, don't speculate. If you aren't unlocked you have not met all the requirements to unlock and we aren't going to give you suggestions. Experience every corner of the game and one day you will unlock.

2) Please don't message staff unless you have been directed to by them or another member of staff, or in the case of and EC, their event directs you to. We handle everything through the ticket system and staff will most likely just direct you to the ticket system when you message them.

3) Don't message a developer unless instructed to by a CSR. They don't have time to answer your questions about code or how something is supposed to work. If they want to talk they will initiate the conversation. What I am trying to say is, if you want content and bug fixes let them work, don't bog them down.

We aren't trying to come off as a bunch of grumpy dicks. We do enjoy our interaction with players, after all that's why we run this. Although some of you have the same expectations of customer service and attention that a staff team from a AAA pay to play game would provide. While we don't tout world class services here, we do pretty darn good in most cases to address issues everyday. If something takes a while don't get pissy or pester. It takes as long as it takes.

When you do put in a ticket please make sure that you provide GREAT DETAILS and SCREENSHOTS/RECORDINGS of what the issue is.

Oh yeah, admin mail, it's slower to get a response than the ticket system, preferably use the ticket system. If you really need to send in an email that only the senior staff can see, here is the address:

You can save yourself and the staff a lot of time by visiting the forums and our Discord server periodically to see what's changed in the period since your last visit!

Re: Tickets, Bug Reports and Response Times

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 10:31 am
by Cyclone
Update: Changed language and updated relevant information. Changed poster from Cynar to Cyclone.