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Event Winners

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:50 pm
by Heimdallr
Gauntlet Winners: Team the potato squad (Ankton,Evec,Beatrice,Ezellohar,Esgalduin,Xanchin) each member winning a prize from the prize bag. Ezellohar won the CSR from dice of death.

Costume Contest Winners: 1st Place: Ankton (Won clothing piece of his choice from CSR prize hall)
2nd Place: Shoog (Won a prize from the prize bag)
3rd Place: Debney (2 million credits)

Beast Wars Winner: Erigzthahunter (Won creature baby of his choice)

PVE Winners: CSR Token winners from 4 dice of death: Asheck won 2 tokens, Eastonoe and grozchit won one each.

5 prizes still unclaimed from finding random words on objects or npcs throughout the city.

PVP Winners: Non Jedi tournament: 1st Place: Feuwei (Won CSR token and Prize from prize bag)
2nd Place: Flow (Won goody bag of 3 weapon components high end)
3rd Place: Cadd (Won 5 million credits)

Jedi tournament: 1st Place: Arkrilok (Won CSR token and Prize from prize bag)
2nd Place: Siy (Won goody bag of jedi related items)
3rd Place: Dreamariz (Won 5 million credits)

Treasure hunt is ongoing atm for the next 8 hours good luck to all looking.

Lottery Droid Winners:
1st Place: Nienor (won mustie bunker)
2nd Place: Brom (Won CSR token)
3rd Place:Barahir (Won 5 million credits)

Also enjoy your 2 paintings and badge for the anniversary.

Double Xp will be starting very soon