Patch Notes 07/06/2018

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  • Surveying maximum range has been increased to 1024m
Bounty Hunter
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a server crash when certain traps were used during a player bounty mission
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially grant a higher trapping skill than intended to master bounty hunters
Combat Medic
  • Poison and disease DOTs now honor the PvP damage reduction
  • Damage multiplier has been added to the PvP damage reduction calculation for master combat medics
Creature Handler
  • Creature handlers can now summon a pet while in combat
  • Each level of Creature Management skill trained will reduce the pet call timer by 20%
  • Master Creature Handlers are able to call pets instantly
  • City decorations can now be placed again after being picked up
  • Aurilian plant will no longer show as dead when it is really alive
  • Decreased the interval for veteran rewards from 360 days to 90 days after a player reaches the 1080 mark
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a server crash when sending a droid out for structure maintenance

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