Hotfix 10.0.3 (11/14/2022)

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Hotfix 10.0.3

This hotfix will go live with the next scheduled restart of the live play server... Some of it relies on Cyclone being available to swap out the Core3 executable at the scheduled server restart. Please excuse me if there are any bumps around the restart and update being pushed, this will be my first time orchestrating a server-side update.

  • Adjusted Awakening Rules & Policies and Terms of Service agreement UI popup message slightly
  • Fixed potential stability issue
  • Decreased the decay rate on armour by 25% of its current value
  • Fixed skill based socket chance calculation
  • Fixed missing FRS XP on a few spawns
  • Adjusted Axkva Min's spawn timer (less time between spawns)
  • Added Augwynne Djo static spawn to Dathomir
  • Fixed Hero of Tatooine ring regrant functionality
  • Fixed an issue with the guild check for Bounty Hunters when viewing mission listings (unguilded hunters unable to see unguilded targets)
  • Turned off the Awakening anniversary XP boost and event system (painting and badge granting)
  • Fixed theatre stat migration capabilities - Still some issues to fix with this one

Bounty Hunter
  • Adjusted damage multiplier for fast blast (slight increase)
  • Adjusted range for Lightning Single 2 to 32m
  • Adjusted range for Lightning Cone 2 to 32m
  • Fixed Jedi XP loss on BH death to ignore XP modifier

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