Hotfix 10.0.4 (11/21/2022)

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Hotfix 10.0.4

This is a mini hotfix with an added little bonus addition. It goes live at the scheduled server restart today.
Please restart clients to automatically download the updated client files.

  • Fixed potential stability issue
  • Fixed an admin tool
  • Added lootable Jedi Sentinels to the server files (Light & Dark)
    • These will not be faction aligned, to allow for ease of assembling groups to fight them
  • Fixed the missing strings used in the naming of various Jedi NPCs
  • Fixed some settings on the static non-lootable Jedi Sentinel variants
  • Replaced Kylo Ren's Fury crystal with Tyranus' Malevolence in the loot tables
  • Added two more rare houses to the loot tables
  • Fixed various loot tables with loot chances exceeding the maximum number (possible server stability issue).
  • Added lootable Jedi Sentinels (Light & Dark) as rare dynamic spawns to all adventure planets

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