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Hello Awakening,

After great service to the MG guild and to the Awakening server Felerof and some officers of MG have decided to step down and take a well earned break. I thank them for all that they have done. Having been an officer of the guild for some time I am honoured to have been elected to take over as Guild Leader.

We have a very dedicated membership and are open for recruitment. We are one of the oldest guilds on the server with the city of Tuskens Bane having celebrated its 3rd anniversary last April.

I would like to introduce the officer team for MG:

Guild Leader - Agrilok
Guild XO - Laschana
Huntsman Officer - Yakza
Membership Officer - Arlysha
Guild Ambassador - Iboma

We have 4 cities:
Tuskens Bane, Tatooine - Mayor Laschana - Industrial Society - 24hr Buffers
New Destiny, Corellia - Mayor Arlysha - Scientific Society - 24hr Buffers
Ghorfas' Ruin, Tatooine - Mayor Feuwei - Scientific Society
Mos Barrio, Dantooine - Mayor Valrana - Improved Job Market

We have markets in Tuskens Bane and New Destiny with a wide variety of vendors and space for more.

Please contact us any time.

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Agrilok - Guild Leader of MG
Valrana - Mayor of Tuskens Bane
Pelani, Julani & Malani - The Bothan Brothers
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