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Trying to become more active again... right now in rebel faction in need of a guild

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Hi Attwood,

Welcome back to Galaxies. <MG> guild is currently recruiting. We are non-faction aligned with both rebel, imperial and neutral members. We have two large cities with 24 hour buffers and large trading malls in Tuskens Bane on Tatooine and New Destiny on Corellia. We also have a second city on Tatooine called Ghorfa's Ruin.

Please feel free to contact any of our officers in game for information on joining MG.

Guild Leader: Agrilok - alts Valrana, Pelani, Julani, Rohira, Vikie (buffbot)

XO: Laschana - alts Lascha, Catori, Rivenfire, Saharra, Arykha (buffbot)

Membership Officer: Arlysha - alts Azomo, Novro (buffbot)

Huntsman: Yakza - alts Xarina, Xyrina

Ambassador: Iboma - alts Nun, EyeR, Slistack, Ryesl

"The two most abundant things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity" - Harlen Ellison
Agrilok - Guild Leader of MG
Valrana - Mayor of Tuskens Bane
Pelani, Julani & Malani - The Bothan Brothers
Rohira - ID
Vikie - TB BuffBot