Battle for Lok

Almost anything goes!
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I had a good time for sure. Looks like I need to make a doctor for pvp though...

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gazzibiuk wrote:The moment we were defeated.

I am hidden within this picture! Ninja Ninja.

Btw, great effort and very fun fights tonight imperials! I agree, lame many of your numbers ditched after badge, i was on my way back from Nyms cloner and saw nothing but a line of imps leaving the battle! Props to those who kept fighting on.


P.S - ( I freakin HATE poison / disease! LOL!)

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Had fun tonight guys, thanks for putting this event on Devs/CSR's!

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Was a great event and had a lot of fun, plenty of kills under my belt now.

Just wish we had some different Imps on our side. :(

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Awesome event!! Love this server! Glad to be apart of something greater then the rest. ;)

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awesome event, did anyone get any extra points for killing a master artisan :-)) views title in photo...Rebel Alliance till the bitter end.

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Was alot of fun. I saw alot of Combat Medics about and some of em had almost as badass poisons as I did :D

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I had a good time, learnt a few things.
The Best loot we saw was 400 credits :P


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JohnFromSteam wrote:Even though we lost, it was still pretty darn fun. Grats rebs!

PS: If one of you rebs got pushed to glowy because of this, I will demolish my computer :P
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yep yep good job everyone a great team of rebel

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