Imperial Guild <Aphotic> Is Recruiting!!

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May <Aphotic> be the new meaning of Darkness, carved across the galaxy by the might of the Empire!
We are a new, Heavy Roleplaying guild and we are looking for members who are eager to taste the real deal!

Looking to roleplay while keep up PvE/PvP? Well, we are aiming for all of these!

Aphotic is now building a powerbase and calls all imperials to rally under its banners and fight to restore order in the galaxy! The Warmasters have sent the call, as the moment of their masters' return is now near...
A deep plotline evolves, secrets yet to be revealed... The flames of war are burning as the dark shroud of Aphotic spreads once more...

*Gets back to reality* Now some more info...

Do we do PvE/PvP?
Welp, we are connecting everything! The fact we are going for real roleplay doesn't mean we do not grind, or not include PvP. As a matter of fact, these are also our aim...
PvE, grinding, PvP, crafting and more are included in the package.

As about RP?
As about RP, we are aiming to rally a large RP community, expand it even beyond the main guild borders. The fact we are the ones starting it, doesnt mean you are out, just cause you are in a different guild! Whoever is up for fun and enjoys the game as we do is welcomed to hop in the team!

Whoever is interested or has any further questions can comment bellow, or find us in-game under the names of :
-Nargon, or Demeorgos/Esserah
-Yakza, or Rum/Kyia

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Good luck with the new guild.

Looking forward in seeing you in the battlefield.

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Are you using text for RP or is everyone getting on a teamspeak or something of the like?

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Excellent! Good luck in all of your endeavors.

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