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I want to build a robust player business before getting into PvP. Right now on McDonald and Harley evenings. Looking for active players in a guild.

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Hello and welcome back to SWG and to Awakening.

If there's anything I can help with, please feel free to contact me in game or on forums.

Awakening has it's own teamspeak, feel free to pop on there anytime. Come get to know us and have fun! Very good and easy way to meet and get to know people and ask questions galore. You can find most people hang out on MG channel as it's an open door policy so all sorts of riff raff come in :) .

Teamspeak channel: ts3.swgawakening.com

Contact Turin or ask in neutral chat for someone who can give you permissions on the teamspeak channel. If I am not in game, you can contact me via pm on forums and I'll come on to give permissions so you're free to move around on teamspeak.

I am the event coordinator and publicist officer in MG guild.
We have 3 cities on the server:
New Destiny on Corellia is located 1km south of coronet. I am mayor there on Inziladun. It is an scientific society which means 3 hour mind buffs and enhanced doctor buffs also. There are 24/7 buffers there supplied by Airy Bubbles the entertainer - her solo group with 3 faction pets, and Novro the doctor, supplying bivoli buffs in the beautifully decorated bespin cantina. New Destiny is known as a very busy business hub, being the home to a lot of the server best crafters and their vendors. You can find pretty much everything you need there. Also check out the wookie treehouse mall where you find a lot of vendors and Yt-1300 while in town.

MG also has 2 other cities both located on Tatooine:
Tuskens Bane has just celebrated its 2nd anniversary in April. The mayor of TB is Laschana. It is a beautifully decorated and laid out city with many houses and guild halls that are wonderfully decorated. Tuskens Bane is a industrial society, meaning you get bonuses to crafting assembly and experimentation . Arykha is the full time entertainer there with an ATST solo group, and Arckaine is the doc buffer. 24/7 buffs are supplied in the brilliantly decorated cantina. Check out the 2 mustafarian bunkers and Caledonians incredible bespin shop as well as 2 very well stocked malls while in town.

The second city of Tatooine is the newly made Ghorfas' Ruin, which is located 900m from Fort Tusken. It is a medical city with a resident doctor pookielamb and erkskine our 24/7 fully taped entertainer on the stage of the beautifully rustic designed cantina. It also is the home of 2 rebel and 2 imperial bases specifically located to the north and south of the city for faction grinding and base buffs. The city layout is currently getting set up with the city being split into rebel and imperial, and it will be a courtyard layout. With plenty of open area in centre of town to host events and pvp, pvp is openly encouraged here. There is a commando bunker mini mall set up that will have vendors very shortly and the cantina currently is looking for a full time entertainer but Tuskens Bane is only a shuttle trip away.

We do regular guild events such as pvp tournaments,quiz nights. And we have our Friday night krayt hunting. We have a lot of established players who daily go to geo caves,dwb,axkva and smc. They welcome people to join them to get involved and enhance themselves.

If you see any of the MG guys and gals around, we are all happy to assist anyone and are a massive family, so if we can help you out feel free to ask. Also feel free to use any of the cities facilities

Here is a list of officers in MG that you can contact if you need anything.

Felerof <Guild Leader>
Fuzion <XO>
Turin<Publicist, Event Coordinator>
Caledonian<Resource Management>


Turin Ryak

Alt's: Inziladun, Nienor, Luthien, Hurin, Ezellohar,Laiquendi,Glaurang

Serenity Vendors: 674 -5630
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I see you are looking for a guild to join. I am apart of two wonderful rebel guilds. LORE and EXILE you may ask why I'm apart of two I've grown close to members of both and they each have their wonderful things to offer.

LORE (Legion of Rebel Exiles) is the larger of the two guilds I am apart of. I am not an officer of this guild, but I am the guild Decorator and the person who organizes guild events and the guild tape pool. This guild is more for the PVP oriented folks we do run a lot of group PVE as well but PVP is something we are ever working on growing. Our guild leader is Teppo and he is one of the most helpful people I've met in this game. He is also one of the best Armor smiths I know in this game. We get 50% off his wonderful Armor as guild members. The guild officers are Mobster whom is also super helpful and our guild Weapon Smith, Woolystyle who is always down for some PVP and is around to answer almost any question you can throw his way. We are a tad rowdy at times as a guild and we have members anywhere from the USA, France, Finland, Netherlands, and a bunch of other places.

Guild Cities

Avalon Prime, Naboo. Our main hub of activity.
Sanctuary, Dantooine. Farming+jedi grind city.
Dark Industries, Naboo. Crafting city.
Anarchy, Dantooine. Uber buffs, Grinding city, PvP city.

EXILE is the smaller of our the two guilds I am apart of. I am a guild officer in this guild. We are a smaller guild who is filled with very active members and are looking to grow in size. We are a PVE, crafting, and merchant type guild. Most of us are from the USA but we do have a couple members across the pond. Our guild leader is Jeseric he is super helpful in every way he can be, he works as a truck driver so he is on as much as his job allows. Shrimply is our other guild officer along side me. We are always down to do PVE runs with you, teach ya some of the ropes of the game, and are both quite knowledgeable about the game it's self. We both do enjoy PVP and are willing to help those who would like to learn. If you are looking for a small close nit group this is the guild for you.

Guild Cities

Exile, Dantooine. IJM
Anarchy, Dantooine. Uber buffs/ PVP city.
Black Market, Corella (Up and coming crafting and resource city.) This city is the child of a few different guilds and some of the nomad players.)

If you would like to get in touch with me to learn more about either guild or to become a member feel free to message Vixxon in game. I'm on at all sorts of odd hours so it wont take me long to respond to you. Can't wait to see you in game.

<3 Vixxon

Vixxon CM/Rifles Deco Slave
Pixxie Entertainer extraordinaire
Dr-Harleen Crafting slave of Vixxon
More to come.
<LORE officer event coordinator and tape pool organizer>
<Exile officer>
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Welcome to Awakening! :) We have a great set of people on our server.. shout out if in General if you need any help!!! I have a number of items to hand out to newer players from the guild that used to be specifically for that purpose so please look Sionix up!

There are a number of good towns and guilds. Personally I would start with what planet you like best and go from there. If you plan on being a crafter you want a crafting Research town, preferably one that has ties to a town that has plenty of merchants to sell your wares. If mainly for adventuring go with a Entertainment district for 3 hour buffs.. just make sure there's a 24/7 entertainer and a doc set up there, or a Improved job market for more cash.

I hold Serenity Naboo (Scientific Society-ent and doc +'s)) and am a member of PHNIX. We also hold our sister crafting metropolis Canton.. east 150m meters from the Serenity shuttle. We are the only Scientific Society (Ent and Doc bonuses) on the server with a dedicated Research District literally next door for our crafters. Our new IJM Deadwood just 500m north of the Serenity shuttle will be opening its doors in just a week or 2. While we aren't a huge guild we are active, on daily and someone is usually there to help out. I can tell you we always are open to new players and happy to help you along. No matter where you decide, if you need help feel free to reach out and ask!

Master Chef Sionix, Mayor of Serenity Fletcher
Disclaimer: I do NOT cook people.. well only the ones who torment me!
Visit the TIki Tavern
Serenity, Naboo 726 -5735
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That McDonald's idea sounds priceless.
We just threw a Rebel Outpost together West out of Anchorhead. 4 days old but oh-so active
If your an interested Rebel or need a low level grinding team feel free to buzz

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Good Morning! The Journeymen <TJM> are Imperial/neutral. We have founded the Metropolis of Bedrock, 1600m NW of Mos Entha, Tatooine. It is a Scientific Society, with full 125/125 ent buffs and over 2800 doc buffs are available. We also have the Metropolis of Mos Crumpit, the mayor is Dr-Seuss. It is an Industrial Society with all of the crafting trainers. It has a "Craftina" with all of the crafting stations in it, and some resource and tool vendors as well. There is the "Med Academy", which has an ent action burner, stim packs and mats available to do your Doc and CM grind. So, whether you are starting out, or smashing mokks on dant, we have the place for you!

If you are looking for a casual PvP/PvE guild to just be social in and have some friends to talk to, then hit me up here or any of my officers in game. We have lots of experience with all facets of the game.

We have an open recruitment of all classes and fields. We have a ventrilo server for voice comms.

Guild Leader- Artis
Officer- Talmoc
Recruitment Officer (and mayor of Bedrock)- Absinthe
Officer- Kaughn, Dr-Seuss (Mayor of Mos Crumpit)
Officer- Wok (on leave)

You can hit me up at either of my alts in game as well. They are listed below in my sig. It is best to send an email to us in game as well, so that we can add you and reply to arrange a time. I am in Alaska, Talmoc and Absinthe are east coast, and Wok is in central. So, our play times are often different. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hail Awakening!

PanzerMkIV-Dark Jedi Knight
Merchantof Venice- MArchitect/MMerchant
Guild Leader of The Journeymen
Dropoff vendor--Sockeye Dropoff -21 3766, Bedrock, Tatooine (NW of Mos Entha)
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Something tells me that he doesn't play anymore or is not very active as this post is from April. And he only has 1 post.

Turin Ryak

Alt's: Inziladun, Nienor, Luthien, Hurin, Ezellohar,Laiquendi,Glaurang

Serenity Vendors: 674 -5630