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Title says it all, looking to come back and be active, seems pretty dead around here so far though, any takers?

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The main NPC cities can be a little sparse. Theed and Eisley attract the most players though of those. C'net is more a travel hub...not many stay in that city.

There are quite a few player cities out there! New Destiny (Corellia), Bedrock (Tat) and my own Con Diarmid (Nab). I could name a load more but I would forget one or two, (apologies to those mayors) but you can see them on the maps easilly, they are advertised in the auction chat window and people in gen chat will tell you when a city is busy.

Now for guilds, again there are a few. Mine, RoE (Rogues of the Empire) is Imp/neutral but for a new or returning player it is best to get stuck in there. Chat to folks in cantinas and more importantly gen chat.

Thats when you get to find a group of folks that is right for you :) Keep chatting in gen chat and you will very soon find your place :)

Stepo Kedur, Padawanesque
Steppo Kedur, Guild leader RoE
Steppppo Kedur, Mayor of Con Diarmid
Guild : [RoE] Rogues of the Empire


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Good Morning! The Journeymen <TJM> are Imperial/neutral. We have founded the Metropolis of Bedrock, 1600m NW of Mos Entha, Tatooine. It is a Scientific Society, with full 125/125 ent buffs and over 2800 doc buffs are available. We also have the Metropolis of Mos Crumpit, the mayor is Dr-Seuss. It is an Industrial Society with all of the crafting trainers. It has a "Craftina" with all of the crafting stations in it, and some resource and tool vendors as well. There is the "Med Academy", which has an ent action burner, stim packs and mats available to do your Doc and CM grind. So, whether you are starting out, or smashing mokks on dant, we have the place for you!

If you are looking for a casual PvP/PvE guild to just be social in and have some friends to talk to, then hit me up here or any of my officers in game. We have lots of experience with all facets of the game.

We have an open recruitment of all classes and fields. We have a ventrilo server for voice comms.

Guild Leader- Artis
Officer- Talmoc
Recruitment Officer (and mayor of Bedrock)- Absinthe
Officer- Kaughn, Dr-Seuss (Mayor of Mos Crumpit)
Officer- Wok (on leave)

You can hit me up at either of my alts in game as well. They are listed below in my sig. It is best to send an email to us in game as well, so that we can add you and reply to arrange a time. I am in Alaska, Talmoc and Absinthe are east coast, and Wok is in central. So, our play times are often different. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Dropoff vendor--Sockeye Dropoff -21 3766, Bedrock, Tatooine (NW of Mos Entha)