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Awakening Publish 10 Deployment to Live

Posted: Fri Dec 10, 2021 11:14 pm
by Cyclone
All things going to plan, the server will come down on the 12th of December 2021 at 1:00 PM ET to deploy Awakening's Publish 10 to the live server. The server is expected to be down for approximately 2 hours, during this time we will also be carrying out operating system updates to the server.

The test server is up with the changes that will be implemented, so we encourage all members to login to test to ensure that everything is working as intended. We will work as best as possible to do necessary last minute changes/fixes before deployment. Following the release of Publish 10 to the live server we will release hotfixes and some balance passes as needed to fix any issues that are identified and confirmed.

Some important things to note:
  • We have reverted the XP cap for FRS XP (that is part of SWGEmu's Publish 10 code) on a temporary basis to allow our players time to rank up before it is re-enabled. We will announce with notice when we decide to reimplement the XP cap that will forcibly trim any XP that players have in excess of their respective cap.
  • There is expected to be some additional balance work done on the Jedi/BH skills post release of Publish 10.
  • Final patch notes for Publish 10 will be posted around the time of the server coming down.
    • Whilst we have collated most changes in these patch notes, some items may have been accidentally missed due to the sheer size of this publish.
  • Whilst testing has been undertaken on this patch there may still be some bugs that accompany it upon release, if you identify anything you feel is a bug, please report it using our ticket system or the email

Re: Awakening Publish 10 Deployment to Live

Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2021 11:54 pm
by Incognito
I know the excitement is building, but unfortunately we're still working on a few game breaking bugs. That said, the realistic release window will be after the holidays.