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Multiple accounts

Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2014 5:27 pm
by Cynar
Do not create multiple accounts per household without pre-approval from Awakening staff (submit a ticket). You run the risk of having one or more accounts locked if you fail to get prior consent. Please submit a request for multiple accounts in our ticket section. Do not PM us regarding multiple accounts unless otherwise instructed to do so. We only allow multiple accounts under certain circumstances. Just because you have purchased multiple copies of the game does not entitle you to more than one account on this server.

This is rule #1 under our game server rules. If you chose not to read them before account creation that is solely on you. We are a fairly laid back group here, however we aren't tolerant for long on those that blatantly or ignorantly chose to ignore the rules.

Re: Multiple accounts

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 6:59 pm
by Cynar
Please remember to submit a ticket for multiple account requests. We have a lot of new people and other players returning. You must submit a ticket and it must be approved for you to have more than one account per household. I have also had complaints about people abusing this. We have been busy with server issues and bugs, however I'm checking logs over the next few days.

Do not send me pm's for multiple accounts. I ignore those. You run a risk of having all of your accounts banned if you don't get prior approval! Don't make that mistake. It would really suck to have all that work wiped out because you or your family didn't take the 2 minutes to fill out a ticket!!!

Re: Multiple accounts

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:40 pm
by Cynar
I want to remind people not to abuse the multiple account rule. We've had several players over the course of two years ask for accounts for their children, then next thing you know they have 10 characters afk botting for resources. We aren't stupid, so we ask that you not treat us as we are. If you get caught doing things like this you will lose all of your accounts. There will be no appeal.

We encourage our honest players to report this behavior whenever you see it happening. I can promise we will enforce it. For those asking for multiple accounts please note on the front end it is for real family use. Not for you to be the next resource barron. The "everyone else is doing it" excuse will only make us enforce it with more vigor. Don't go that route. Play the game with honest intent or realize what will happen when you don't.

Multiple boxing , multiple accounts is a first time ban offense. 10 characters per account is more than enough for one person. It is all that's allowed here.