May 4th 2019

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Star Wars Day is nearly upon us again! Similar to most years the Awakening team has prepared two new paintings for the first character that logs in for each account and a badge for each character that logs in. We felt that we needed to go a step beyond predictable though, so we are also adding loot bonuses! Nearly every NPC in the galaxy will have the potential to drop rare loot - including some items that have never been seen on Awakening before. Endgame hunters and new players alike will have a chance to walk away with a server-first vehicle or house.

Following the scheduled reset on Friday May 3rd, and lasting throughout the weekend until the next reset on Monday May6th the following features will be enabled:
  • Bonus XP
  • Two new paintings per account
  • May 4th 2019 badge
  • Increased rare loot drops
  • Increased Yellow / Exceptional / Legendary drop rates
May the 4th be with you!

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