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About Awakening

SWG Awakening where your Stars Wars Galaxies experience will be awakened...

We know it's a pretty bold statement, however, we also know that Awakening is a cut above, in many ways. From the passion and experience of our developers and staff, to the knowledge of Pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies, Awakening aims to provide the best SWG experience possible. Some server operators have never played Pre-CU back in the day and it shows in their content and the way in which they introduce things into the world. Awakening is much different in this regard. Awakening does not give things away. Awakening doesn't overcrowd areas with items just because we think it's cool (or to show off our knowledge of scripts). Awakening does not allow player housing INSIDE NPC cities (not because it is difficult, but because it is unfair to all the crafters that do not get that prime real-estate). Awakening does not insert code on a whim, without vetting it and Awakening keeps detailed backups "just in case".

What does Awakening do (different)?

For starters...

  1. We provide a very solid and stable play environment, conducive of a healthy economy that can be sustained for many years (we launched back in 2014 and we are still going strong so it is not just a baseless claim). Nothing is given away! Too often SWGEmu based servers start up and want to immediately give new players all kinds of bonuses to entice them to play on their server. Let's face it, that does nothing but ruin a long term economy. It does not and will not occur on Awakening!

  2. We have implemented a unique Jedi unlock system. One that is mysterious and earned. Not given away with minimal effort or given to select individuals by CSR blessings. It is not easy, and who said Jedi should be given away or made easy? NGE? Sorry, this is not NGE. It is Pre-CU+! (The + stands for true and difficult).

  3. Bounty Hunter (BH): A little twist on BH. Very similar to Pre-CU, but improved. A little stronger vs Jedi due to some slight lightsaber defense enhancements and improved tracking capability.

  4. CH is working and fully implemented. LS bug is resolved.

  5. All professions are enabled (not including JTL, which is in development by SWGEmu). The experience is very similar to original SWG. Don't mess with a good thing! All professions are important and NONE are given away.


Our combat system is very similar to the original SWG, except Bounty Hunters have a slightly better chance vs Jedi. Bounty Hunters have (gasp) slight inherent lightsaber defenses, and with the right template mix can stand toe to toe with average Jedi. We are confident that players will be thrilled with this minor adjustment.

In PvE you will notice slight boosts on stats and attack powers of creatures and NPCs to prevent AFK camping of high end areas and make PvE encounters more interesting for our players.

Otherwise PvE and PvP combat should be very similar.


Pre-CU doctors and buffs were an important part of the game and made the game much more exciting. Those who never played Pre-CU wouldn't understand the balance of great doctor buffs and Pre-CU strategy. Buffs are dependent on resources and can really help in a battle. Doctors will remain just as important, as will their buffs. We are grateful to have dedicated player doctors setup in cities across a number of planets on Awakening.

Awakening has added Enhancement Droids that provide very low level buffs in starter areas. This helps new players and helps player progression even when other doctors (players) aren't around.


No change needed in general. The original SWG Pre-CU had this 100% right and we feel any server that messes with this by giving away professions does not grasp the impact.

With that said, we have added and will continue to add items for crafters to craft, such as NGE Houses and NGE speeders. Again, these items are primarily aesthetic, but add to the story and immersion of the game for our players.


Awakening has kept this relatively the same, except we have added additional housing that came from other SWG updates (e.g. NGE). We felt the added housing was a good addition and would have happened whether the NGE occurred or not. This was an easy addition and we were happy to add this.


Player cities are close to the same, but adjusted for server population. As the server grows city requirements may adjust. Any adjustments would of course be announced to our community.


What would Star Wars, let alone Star Wars Galaxies be without Jedi? Let's face it, Jedi are central to the Star Wars story and a very important feature of ANY Star Wars game. Yes, other professions are fun and other professions are extremely important, but we felt Jedi needed to be in the game and ready when we launched.

Our Jedi system is like no other. It is extremely random and each player has an inherent force sensitivity that is determined upon birth (creation). In time each character will discover their path and force sensitivity. The path to Jedi will consist of 3 important elements, genetics (luck), hard work (no clues will be given here), and knowledge of the galaxy.


Awakening is not an "easy-mode" server that hands everything to players that join. We do not want to attract players that want everything for free. We want a strong, knowledgeable player-base, that appreciate things when earned. We truly believe in an economy based on a Risk vs Work vs Reward system. However, as you gain more skills and learn the ways of PvE you will slowly find yourself able to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks with smaller groups.

With all of this being said we are always open to player suggestions and welcome input from our player-base.

SWG Awakening is a Pre-CU based Star Wars Galaxies Server powered by SWGEmu. The source code Awakening uses on its game server is written by SWGEmu and adapted by Awakening developers. Our code is licensed under the AGPL License. The Awakening source code repository can be found on GitHub.