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Donations both big and small are much appreciated!

As most know, Awakening isn't commercially owned/operated (i.e. no one gets paid). Awakening was started by the founders, BigQEd, Cynar and Incognito out of a desire to bring back a fun SWG Pre-CU server for people to enjoy and we want it to continue for many years to come!

As for our financial stability and the ability to operate long term: we are in pretty good shape (better than most other SWG projects out there). We truly appreciate any assistance players can give. It really does help support the cost of the project (servers, etc) and help the project move towards financial independence. Even small donations are very much appreciated! As most of our players understand, Awakening relies on donations to cover operational costs and any shortfalls in funding ultimately fall on staff to cover.
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Donation statistics

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We received $110.00 in donations. Our goal is to raise $220.00.