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Welcome to SWg Awakening Pre-Cu!

SWG Awakening is a Pre-CU based Star Wars Galaxies Server powered by SWGEmu. Awakening's goal is to revive Star Wars Galaxies and bring back Pre-CU in all its glory! Awakening has a unique Jedi unlock system, that NO other server incorporates. The goal with this new Jedi system is to bring back some mystery when obtaining Jedi.

To play on Awakening, you will need a copy of the original Star Wars Galaxies client. An Empire Divided, The Total Experience, or The Complete Online Adventures is required. Clients obtained through illegal means are strictly forbidden. Copies of the game are still available at most major online retailers. Please visit How To Connect for a full guide on how to connect to SWG Awakening.

Note: If you register and don't receive an activation email within 15 minutes, please, check your spam folder. If you continue to have problems activating, please send an email to our support team.

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Star Wars Day 2022

Woohoo May 4th approaches, Star Wars Day is almost here again! What does this mean for Awakening? From the server restart on Monday the 2nd of May we will be commencing a weeklong event. We will be giving out two new random May 4th event paintings from the May 4th 2022 collection per account (put in the inventory of the first character to login after restart). The commemorative badge for May 4th 2022 will be awarded to each character that is logged in during the event. Like usual there will also be boosted XP during the event, this will be equal to three (3) times the base server XP rate, keeping in mind we are currently in two (2) times boosted XP mode at the moment.

To be able to see your newly awarded event paintings after the restart, please make sure to close your launcher and SWG client(s) before logging in, once you have done this, run the launcher. This will force the necessary files to be downloaded for you client to use.

There may be additional spontaneous/semi-spontaneous events being held throughout the week. The occurence of these is solely based on the availability of our volunteer Event Coordination team members, Moonbeam and Rogue.


To summarise everything that’s guaranteed to be happening during the week:
  • Two new event paintings per account (put in the inventory of the first character to login)

  • A May 4th 2022 event badge per character logged in

  • Increased XP rate (3x the base rate)

All of these will be available from Monday the 2nd of May’s scheduled reset, to the following Monday the 9th of May’s reset. Thank you all for experiencing your SWG adventure with us here at Awakening. We hope you enjoy!

The Awakening team wishes you a happy Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you all!

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Server Instability - Request for Information

Hello everyone,

As you may know, following our release of Publish 10, there have been some stability issues. While we have fixed quite a few of the issues relating to server stability post-release, some still elude us. The vast majority of the ones that we haven't yet fixed cause issues in the form of deadlocks. These are harder than crashes to debug because they leave less of a trail for us to follow back to the source of the problem. So, what we request from you is information, as detailed as possible to help us track down the cause(s). If we can narrow them down we will be able to fix them. The kind of information we are looking for is anything relating to what you were doing when the server experienced a deadlock, especially if you've been doing exactly the same thing each time the server has gone into a deadlock. To report this information, please either submit a ticket via our Discord server in the #create-a-bug-ticket channel or email us on admin@swgawakening.com. We appreciate any and all reports we receive. As always, our main aim at Awakening is server stability.

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System Outage - Recovered

Hello all, we had a system outage earlier on today at around 5:15pm EDT (U.S. Eastern), we started investigating what was going on at around 5:30pm EDT. Our host machine went down (all of our hosted services went offline as a result), we required our service provider to investigate the situation and reboot it for us. Everything has recovered now, but I just thought I'd post the updates I provided about it in Discord for those of you to look at who are not joined up.

Initial Update - 6:08 pm EDT (U.S. Eastern)

Hi all, the host server for Awakening has gone down. We have contacted our service provider to get them to investigate and reboot it for us. Once we're back in we'll bring Awakening up. At this point we are at the mercy of our service provider's support team. We'll let you all know once we've got more to share.

Second Update - 6:18pm EDT (U.S. Eastern)

Well, that was speedy, looks like we're back up already. Some of our peripheral services will still be down but the live server is operational again. The launcher patch system may be unreachable for a little while, there is a little cancel button you can use to cancel the process if you need to in order to re-enable the play button. We'll get the rest of our services back up and running as soon as possible. The launcher status will be inaccurate for a while too, that relays from a status checker that lives on our web server.

Current Update - 6:31pm EDT (U.S. Eastern)

All right, I believe I have brought everything back online that should be now. If you notice any issues please let us know via a ticket so we can investigate and resolve them as soon as possible.

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She's Alive!

After a prolonged maintenance period we believe the server is finally back in action. Thanks for bearing with us through this process. I will link the previous post I made about the server here, please give it a read: Live Server Restored

The most recent issue that we brought the server down for related to a problem that was identified with missing vendor items. We isolated the cause of this to a repeating boot loop the server got stuck in when we brought it back up the last time (this was caused by external scripts misfiring). While we assumed this would of had no affect on the server at the time, upon reviewing the logs we realised that it was improperly shutting down whilst auction updates were taking place, which lead to mass deletion of vendor items. When we brought the server back up this time, we copied across a freshly extracted version of the 8am EST database backup and left it running whilst doing some checks to ensure there was no erroneous behaviour detected. We are sufficiently satisfied that the vendor issue will not recur. That being said, if you notice anything out of the ordinary going forward please let us know via a ticket or the admin email. Server stability is our utmost priority!

As stated previously:

In the end we had to rollback to our 8am EST database backup, this means approximately 6 hours of player progress has been lost. Unfortunately there is no way to recover any player data from that 6 hour window and XP, loot and any other progress lost will not be regranted by staff. To try and make up for lost XP due to the rollback and to apologise for the server downtime we have increased the server XP multiplier to 3x the base rate, this will remain active until Monday's server restart.

This still stands true. If anyone has any question or concerns please feel free to reach out. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the increased XP and have some fun on Awakening!

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Server Maintenance Continues

Hi all,

Unfortunately just when we thought we had her operational, a further issue was identified. I have decided to bring the server down to limit further issues and cause for disappointment in case we need to re-copy the server database again. If I left it up and we needed to re-copy the database that would result in another server rollback. I will let you know more once we have information to share, hold tight! Incognito and/or Dirge will work to get this issue resolved as soon as they possibly can!

I apologise again for the downtime, I hope you take some solace in knowing this is even less fun for me than it is for you when we need to forcibly bring the server down for extended downtimes.

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