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Welcome to SWg Awakening Pre-Cu!

SWG Awakening is a Pre-CU based Star Wars Galaxies Server powered by SWGEmu. Awakening's goal is to revive Star Wars Galaxies and bring back Pre-CU in all its glory! Awakening has a unique Jedi unlock system, that NO other server incorporates. The goal with this new Jedi system is to bring back some mystery when obtaining Jedi.

To play on Awakening, you will need a copy of the original Star Wars Galaxies client. An Empire Divided, The Total Experience, or The Complete Online Adventures is required. Clients obtained through illegal means are strictly forbidden. Copies of the game are still available at most major online marketplaces. Please visit Play Now for a full guide on how to connect to SWG Awakening.

Note: If you register and don't receive an activation email within 15 minutes, please, check your spam folder. If you continue to have problems activating, please open a support ticket

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Unread post Server Maintenance Continues

Hi all,

Unfortunately just when we thought we had her operational, a further issue was identified. I have decided to bring the server down to limit further issues and cause for disappointment in case we need to re-copy the server database again. If I left it up and we needed to re-copy the database that would result in another server rollback. I will let you know more once we have information to share, hold tight! Incognito and/or Dirge will work to get this issue resolved as soon as they possibly can!

I apologise again for the downtime, I hope you take some solace in knowing this is even less fun for me than it is for you when we need to forcibly bring the server down for extended downtimes.

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Unread post Live Server Restored

Hello everyone,

We appreciate your patience while the server has been down, we have decided it is in the best interest of our players to use one of our database backups in order to bring the server back online. The corruption of the existing database was extensive and would have taken a considerable amount of time to recover, which would have meant continued server downtime.

During the process of importing our 12pm EST backup we discovered that the database corruption was already present at that stage, so it wasn't the deadlock that caused it, it just made us aware of its presence. We are still running further tests in the background to determine the cause of the corruption in order to fix that particular issue.

In the end we had to rollback to our 8am EST database backup, this means approximately 6 hours of player progress has been lost. Unfortunately there is no way to recover any player data from that 6 hour window and XP, loot and any other progress lost will not be regranted by staff. To try and make up for lost XP due to the rollback and to apologise for the server downtime we have increased the server XP multiplier to 3x the base rate, this will remain active until Monday's server restart.

We hope you enjoy the increased XP and have fun now the server is back online!

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Unread post Server Outage

Hi all,

We are aware the live server is currently down. We are working to restore it as soon as possible.

We have identified there is a fault in the DB and we're working to see if we can understand what the fault relates to so we can try and prevent it from happening in the future. If we can't identify and fix the fault we still have a backup from two hours prior to the deadlock which we can rollback to if absolutely necessary.

This will be a potentially lengthy process so please give us some time whilst we undertake it. We will let you know once we have more to share. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Once the server is ready to be put back online we will set the XP modifier to 3 times the base rate as a little thank you for bearing with us through Publish 10's release.

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Unread post Publish 10 Successfully Deployed Hotfixes on the Horizon!

Publish 10 has successfully been deployed to the live server. What are you waiting for? Come on and play!

Our focus will now turn to fixing the inevitable minor post-release bugs and some additional balance changes (where necessary) in a series of hotfixes, the first of these should occur with Monday's scheduled restart. A big thank you to those who were involved in helping us test Awakening's custom Publish 10 and to those on the staff team who facilitated its eventual release!

Patch notes for Publish 10: The Rise of Galaxies can be found in the Patch Notes section of the forum, along with patch information regarding hotfixes when they're released.

Thanks to our community and players' continued support of Awakening!

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Unread post The Patch Deployment is Back On!

The Awakening live game server will come down on the 29th of January 2022 at 2:00 PM American Eastern Standard Time, to deploy Awakening's custom Publish 10. The server is expected to be down for approximately 2 hours, during this time we will also be carrying out operating system updates to the server.

The test server is up with the changes that will be implemented, so we encourage all members to login to test to ensure that everything is working as intended. We will work as best as possible to do necessary last-minute changes/fixes before deployment. Following the release of Publish 10 to the live server we will release hotfixes and some balance passes as needed to fix any issues that are identified and confirmed.

Some highlights for the patch include:
  • House packup system
  • Vendor packup system
  • A fix to the automatic vendor restock function
  • A player bounty system
  • All of the SWGEmu Publish 10 release
Some important things to note:
  • We have reverted the XP cap for FRS XP (that is part of SWGEmu's Publish 10 code) on a temporary basis to allow our players time to rank up before it is re-enabled. We will announce with notice when we decide to reimplement the XP cap that will forcibly trim any XP that players have in excess of their respective cap.
  • There is expected to be some additional balance work done on the Jedi/BH skills post release of Publish 10.
  • Final patch notes for Publish 10 will be posted around the time of the server coming down.
  • Whilst we have collated most changes in these patch notes, some items may have been accidentally missed due to the sheer size of this publish.
  • Whilst testing has been undertaken on this patch there may still be some bugs that accompany it upon release, if you identify anything you feel is a bug, please report it using our ticket system or the admin@swgawakening.com email.

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