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Rules & Policies for all Awakening services.
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Section 1 - Account & Character Rules and Policies

1.1 We allow one game account per household or any other place where two accounts would reside in the same physical location or network. Each account provides 10 character slots & up to 2 characters online concurrently. Exceptions are occasionally made for family, roommates, and others living in the same household. If you wish to request an additional account for another person in your household, please submit a ticket. Do not create multiple accounts without prior approval from Awakening Staff. You run the risk of having your account(s) suspended if you do so. These accounts are for other real people in the same household that are active behind the keyboard, not for one person to run multiple accounts.

1.2 Sharing of accounts is forbidden. This policy has a couple of reasons for existing, they include privacy of information and reducing the risk of items, credits, characters, housing, and other in-game objects from going missing being taken and/or getting deleted without permission. The SWG Awakening staff take no responsibility for anything that happens to your account should you share the login details with others. Staff will not replace anything should it go missing, get deleted or otherwise.

1.3 SWG Awakening staff reserve the right to change and/or reclaim account and character names at any time, for any reason. If you would like to appeal a name change or reclamation that has affected you, please submit a ticket.

1.4 All accounts and characters used for financial gain will be deleted/banned. It is forbidden to use your account for:
  • Soliciting real life monetary trades.
  • Purchasing of in-game credits or items for real life currency.
  • Exchange of in-game items/credits for real life items.
  • Exchange of in-game items/credits for items/currency from other games.
1.5 You are not permitted to attempt to circumvent an account ban or mute on any of our platforms by any means. If you would like to appeal an account ban please submit an appeal via support ticket or the admin email:
Section 2 – In-Game Rules and Policies

2.1 Account, Character, Guild, Item & Structure names cannot be:
  • Vile, profane, rude, or racist.
  • Combinations of words that produce an offensive result.
  • Any and all drug references.
  • Any historical or religious references. (e.g. God, Jesus, Allah, Satan, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, etc.)
  • Names chosen to harass another player or group
  • Names chosen with the intent, or possessed effect of harming the reputation of, or used to impersonate a SWG Awakening staff member or representative of another community.
  • Proper names from the Star Wars universe, including the first or last name of any significant NPC or Creature in Star Wars Galaxies or the Star Wars universe (e.g. Skywalker, Greedo, Yoda, Exar Kun, Xizor, Boba Fett, Acklay, etc.)

2.2 You will not exploit any bug in the game. You are required to report any exploit/bug you may find while playing via the ticket system or the admin email: DO NOT PUBLICISE EXPLOITS ON ANY OF OUR PLATFORMS!
  • A good rule of thumb is, if something you are doing seems broken simply don't do it, then report whatever it is to us, as detailed above.
2.3 Using 3rd party hacks & cheats on our server is strictly forbidden. This can include moderations to the game designed to give in-game advantages such as changes to damage your character deals and/or receives, or abilities to see beyond what the game originally intended by disabling textures (i.e. wall hacks or removal of weather effects). This also encompasses the use of 3rd party macroing, or game altering programs.

2.4 SWG Awakening staff will not replace or restore any items, characters, housing, etc. that have been lost due to intended mechanics or methods that were under player control. Staff will also not replace anything that is lost due to a database rollback which is required to take place due to databse corruption or stability issues. SWG Awakening staff will only replace, restore, or compensate players for lost/deleted items, characters, housing etc. when it is due to means outside of a player’s control and via an unintended action, like a bug, or a member of staff's mistake, not including a server database rollback. There must be evidence provided by the player that the items, characters, housing, etc. existed in the first place and SWG Awakening’s server logs must corroborate that the item existed and was lost/deleted via an unintended action.

2.5 Players are strictly forbidden from participating in a “Fight Club”, “Fight Clubbing”, or anything that pertains to rorting the Force Ranking System. Players found engaging in these practices risk having their Jedi character deleted and their account banned for a length of time. For more information see No Fight Clubbing Rule Reminder.

2.6 General Chat has been implemented in order to connect the Awakening server community, General Chat’s usage is intended for server wide communication and assistance. General Chat is not to be used for trash talk or flaming, the in-game opt-in PvP Chat is designed to be used for this purpose. PvP Chat must not however be used in such a way that involves; racially offensive, religious, or sexual orientation related slurs. PvP Chat must also not be used to make personal threats to people outside of game. SWG Awakening staff will take required steps to make sure players abide by this rule. Both aforementioned chat channels are linked to the SWG Awakening Discord server via a text channel in the member’s section.

2.7 Player structures must not be placed within 300m of a POI or cave, this is measured from the closest portion of the POI or cave, (any rock, structure, etc.) not from the waypoint that is listed for each POI in the datapad.

2.8 SWG Awakening staff will not be held responsible for any, loss or decay of items and/or experience as a result of your participation in an event held by a member of the SWG Awakening staff team or another player. Participation in all planned/spontaneous events is completely voluntary.
Section 3 – General Rules and Policies

3.1 In order to connect to the SWG Awakening game server(s), you must legally own either Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, Star Wars Galaxies: Starter Kit, Star Wars Galaxies: Total Experience or Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures. No expansion packs are needed to connect to our server(s). Any use of trial versions of the disks and/or torrented/redistributed clients is strictly illegal due to the software still being covered under copyright law.

3.2 Chat Channels - Do not to use any public chat channel on any of our platforms to post obscene, drug related, threatening, racially offensive, vulgar, hostile, or sexually orientated messages. You are also not to disclose any user's real-world personal information without their explicit permission (this is known as "doxing" and is illegal in many countries). You are not permitted to spam any of our chat channels, especially the in-game chat system (any message being repeated within 3 minutes of the last is considered spam). Spam takes a slightly different definition in the in-game Auction channel, all users posting about their goods and services must have at least a 180 second pause between each of their messages.

3.3 Do not impersonate another person, indicate falsely that you are a SWG Awakening Staff Member or a representative of any other community. Likewise, do not make accusations of other players being staff.

3.4 Do not promote or advertise other SWG Servers on any of our platforms, whether that be in public channels or via private methods such as private messages or mails.

3.5 Only use English to communicate in any public channel on all our platforms. This is so everyone keeps to a common language and no one gets excluded from conversation in public channels due to a language barrier. It also allows us to moderate chat efficiently. You are welcome to use any language you desire to communicate in private, e.g. via PMs, mail, or guild channels.

3.6 You may not harass or threaten other players (sexually, racially, or otherwise). Final determination of player infraction and severity will be made by a SWG Awakening staff member. This includes but is not limited to: Hate Speech, Sexual Abuse, Harassment, and Spamming. This is a serious rule and any reports of community members breaking this rule must be submitted with evidence (screenshots, videos, etc.) that of which is deemed as irrefutable proof by SWG Awakening staff. Action will not be taken against players without adequate evidence. All reports should be made through the ticket system or the admin email: The opt-in PvP chat channel in-game (and in Discord) as well as the smack talk section of the forum do offer some level of leninency when it comes to communication standards on our platforms, however there are some core standards that still must not be broken! All of the aforementioned areas where a level of leniency applies are not to be used in such a way that involves; racially offensive, religious, or sexual orientation related slurs. They must also not be used to make personal threats to people outside of game or abuse them based on their real life situation, this type of behaviour is restricted on all platforms.
  • Harassment is defined as any unwanted or unwelcome behavior beyond the limits of good taste, civility and appropriate game context. Harassment is further defined by who is being harassed and how they perceive it. They then provide the proof to us, SWG Awakening staff, where we make a determination if it is indeed harassment.
  • Spamming is defined as excessive and inappropriate use of spatial communications (i.e. emote spamming, excessive hawking or tip spamming). Rule of thumb, once every 3 minutes (/pause 180) is plenty for hawking (selling) an item or advertising for buffs (Buff instructions from entertainers can be given in group chat or tells to keep from cluttering up spatial). As there is no Auto-AFK timeout on the server, Note: excessive numbers of hawkers in an area may be removed from the server by a SWG Awakening staff member.
3.7 Check the forums regularly for rule changes and other important information. Profession-specific rules are generally stickied in the respective profession threads.

3.8 Do not antagonize the staff. They are all volunteers. Keep in mind these forums are private and it is not a democracy. We encourage people to post on our forums, however, a minority of people take things too far and, in these cases, SWG Awakening staff reserve the right to deal with their posts and accounts in any way that is determined appropriate.
Section 4 – Appendix

4.1 Bans
  • We usually will warn players before banning them. All ban lengths are determined on a case by case basis, all ban lengths are based on the severity of the infraction as determined by staff (accounting for prior offenses).
  • As a guideline bans will be a minimum of 48 hours long and a maximum of permanent. We aren't trying to be mean, we just don't have time to deal with children or adults that continue to break rules.
  • Player bans are not generally publicised by staff.
  • ANY and ALL appeals or questions regarding the rules, should be addressed via a support ticket or the admin email:

  • Failure to follow these rules may result in a permanent ban from all Awakening platforms, including the SWG Awakening website & the SWG Awakening game server(s). Respect the Awakening staff's authority. Do not report same post/message repeatedly.
  • All rules and policies apply to all SWG Awakening platforms (where applicable), this includes the website, game server(s), Discord server, TeamSpeak 3 server, social media presences and any other platforms owned, facilitated and/or managed by SWG Awakening.
  • These rules are subject to change at any time. SWG Awakening staff reserve the right to make changes as needed.
  • SWG Awakening staff reserve the right to enforce rules that are not included here or in the Terms of Service if it is deemed to be necessary.
  • SWG Awakening staff reserve the right to terminate your account at any time, for any reason.

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