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Hello everyone,

As you may know, following our release of Publish 10, there have been some stability issues. While we have fixed quite a few of the issues relating to server stability post-release, some still elude us. The vast majority of the ones that we haven't yet fixed cause issues in the form of deadlocks. These are harder than crashes to debug because they leave less of a trail for us to follow back to the source of the problem. So, what we request from you is information, as detailed as possible to help us track down the cause(s). If we can narrow them down we will be able to fix them. The kind of information we are looking for is anything relating to what you were doing when the server experienced a deadlock, especially if you've been doing exactly the same thing each time the server has gone into a deadlock. To report this information, please either submit a ticket via our Discord server in the #create-a-bug-ticket channel or email us on We appreciate any and all reports we receive. As always, our main aim at Awakening is server stability.

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