Tyrena Invasion Event Sept 8th

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Good Day Awakeners!

Following the successful events we've had by the CSR's I've opted to make one for the community!.
Bare in mind I am a pure novice here... Still working on the box for Events 1 (roughly 80k xp) :P

Your briefing...

Following the recent defeat to Rebel forces the empire has sanctioned an invasion upon Tyrena to clear out the Rebel forces currently occupying the city. The imperial transmission was also intercepted by Rebel spies. In response to the invasion the Rebel forces have set up a small strike force to repel the imperial forces. The empire will land two strike forces to attack the city. Rebel forces have begun to setup a small defensive force to deal with the invasion.

The imperial forces will land a crew to take over the city of Tyrena. An AT-AT will head towards the city gates and unload waves of mobs. The rebels will have the equivalent on their side for the Imperial forces to tangle with. First one to defeat the other side wins, although this may look like a PVE objective the area will be susceptible to PVP encounters so rebel players could fight the imperial players to slow down their progress. Teams will be balanced to ensure a fair victory for either side.

Invasion is set for September 8th, 10pm GMT (2pm PST) (5pm EDT) (9th Sept - 7am AEST)

Prizes are up for grabs
1. 1 Prize for winning the battle rolled between the winning group
2. 1 Prize to be rolled between all who attend
3. Several pieces of loot to be found on the battle field!

A cloner will be setup for the imperial forces, Rebel forces will need to use the cloner in the city.

I hope you enjoy the event. This is a community event please come over to enjoy the fun. It doesn't matter if your a Brawler or a master Architech... There's fun for everyone.

Kind Regards,

Xarina - Dark Jedi of MG

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Thank you to xarina for planning this great event and for cyclone who help lead it on the day and with the planning.

The CSR token was won by shortruss and packers won 2 prize dice of deaths to win prize bags.

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