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It is always marvellous being a part of the Awakening community and it gives us great pleasure to acknowledge the outstanding members of our community. As such we have decided to do a yearly awards presentation to wrap up the year, with the in-game accolade badges. This year will be a little different to how it will be run in the future due to it being so late in the year. This year the ECs have discussed at great lengths which members of the community they think deserve to be awarded each accolade badge under the following descriptions:
  • Good Samaritan – A member of the community who gives of their knowledge and possessions to new and struggling people alike without any thought of expecting anything in return. They are also passionate about making the server a better place for all.
  • Fascinating background – A member of the community with an interesting story on Awakening, this could be a character biography or their player history here on Awakening.
  • Brave Soldier – This badge has two categories, one for PvE and one for PvP. The PvE recipient for this badge is a player who has shown an immense knowledge of PvE on Awakening, by participating in and leading groups or soloing most of the PvE content Awakening has to offer. The PvP recipient is someone who shows not only a great level of skill in PvP encounters, but also conducts themselves in a respectable manner, and has been known to help others build upon their skills in this area.
  • Interesting Personage – Is someone from within the community that has an interesting story to do with their character, a persona they assume within the game, or another interesting trait they possess.
  • Professional Demeanour – A community member who conducts themselves in whatever area of the game they may specialise in with a professional, appearance, manner and attitude.
The decisions we have come to will be announced on New Year’s Day 2019 (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) and the same will occur for community voting in future years.

In following years this will be opened up in a different way. Starting from the beginning of the year, players will be able to nominate one person for each badge (exception: two for the Brave Soldier, one PvE and one PvP nomination). Your nominations for each category will only be counted once though, so make sure you are certain of your choice before you submit it via private message to Cyclone in Discord, the forums or in-game mail. The nominations will remain open, up until the last two weeks of the year when the official count will be commenced, to see who our deserving winners are for that year. Each recipient of an award will be presented with the corresponding accolade badge on their toon of choice in-game and given a CSR token to use as they wish.

As always, we, the staff team reserve the right to change the rules and regulations surrounding these events at any time.

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