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Hello future event organiser,

If you would like to host a player event and require EC assistance, please do the following:

1) Contact an EC or Cyclone with the following:

A. Date, time and expected duration
B. Location(s)
C. A run-down of the event.
D. Items required (Buildings, Mock-up vehicles, NPC's, Creatures, etc.) We will be as flexible as possible!

In some cases ECs will provide a prize for events, this will either be a CSR token or something from the hall. It is expected that you, the organiser, will put forward your own event prizes and that you will not ask for a staff member to provide a prize. A prize being given will depend on the amount given out by other staff and player run events in a given month in addition to other factors such as quality, for example a ten second rush job with an event that lacks obvious effort will not receive a prize from staff.

Things staff will not provide:

Staff will not provide credits, player vehicles, or player buildings. If you want standard housing or bases placed you will need to do so yourself, If you are organising races, it is expected that you or the participants will provide the mount/vehicle. Whatever loot drops off of a staff created mob, drops. We will not create badges for any player run events at this point in time. There is no guarantee that staff teleports will be available for player run events, many times they are not even available for staff events. If you plan to attend, be on time, and where you need to be.

Staff require at least 14 days notice prior to the start of an event, if that event requires our assistance. Failure to do so could result in help from staff not being rendered. This is due to staff needing to organise a time period where they are free in order to render the assistance required by you (e.g. organise time off work if they are willing or find a spot in their schedule where they are free). If you ask for help after the 14 day period you are far less likely to get assistance with your event.

2) If you require our assistance you will need to wait until we respond to your request before proceeding under the assumption that help will be given. If you do not require staff assistance then proceed how you wish.

3) Last, but not least make a post on the Awakening General Discussion forums with the details. I recommend you give at least one weeks notice for non-staff involved events. Once it has been cleared and posted it will be moved from General Discussion to Events by a Staff member

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