SWG Awakening Screenshot Competition – November 2019

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November is here, time to take some more screenshots!

Time to trial your screenshot artistry again, so crank up those settings and turn off the HUD (ctrl + shift + H) to get those wonderous shots! The competition will be based on a community vote, with the final decision of the winner for the month being made by you, members of the Awakening community. The winner of the vote will receive a CSR Prize Token and be in with a chance at winning best screenshot of the year. The award for the best screenshot of the year is having your screenshot featured as an in-game painting, you will get a copy of it and the painting may then be implemented into the game in some way or another.

Each month there will be a specific theme for the screenshots taken, the theme will be revealed at the beginning of each month, this month’s theme is “Animals”.

Competition Details:
  • Send a screenshot (that is hosted externally online with a site like imgBB or imgur) and a short description of the screenshot in a forum/Discord PM to Cyclone. The hosted copy of the screenshot must be no larger than 800 x 600 for it to be posted on the forums (please resize them before you send them through, there are many free online services that will do this for you), please also keep an original copy of the screenshot before resizing and send through that file as well.
  • All entries must use the default SWG client resources, no visual mods are allowed apart from ones that allow you to zoom out further than the default limit, if any are detected, your entry will be removed.
  • You may only submit one screenshot per month, however you may enter every month, even if you have already won one of the months.
  • The winner for the month will receive a CSR Prize Token and be put in the running to win best screenshot of the year and a copy of their screenshot as an in-game painting. This year’s will not have as many entrants due to the competition starting approximately halfway through.
  • One week before the end of the one-month period I will cease taking entries and create a poll for you to vote on the best screenshot, so make sure to get your entries in before the 23rd of November, 2019.
  • By entering this competition, you give the Awakening Staff rights to use your entered screenshot in any way.
The Awakening Staff reserve the right to change the competition rules or discontinue it at any time.

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