Awakening Scavenger Hunt "Tainted Spice" July 2020

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Awakening Scavenger Hunt "Tainted Spice" July 2020- Please Read the Rules.

Scavenger Hunt Complete. Gratz to Mosae for winning the CSR Token.

Journal Owner, Yasdala Uanda


Journal entry dated July 02, 2020. We had all just laid down wondering what tomorrow would bring.. The three of us were a struggling group of strangers just trying to get a foothold in the world. We did not want to be there but it was the only way we could get some credits to be able to leave this sand planet called Tatooine. We are Spice Makers, the art of producing spice from resources provided to us by the land. Lately we had noticed odd deaths turning up with no reasoning until one of the spice workers overheard 2 of the smuggler guards that a poisonous chemical was secretly being slipped into the spice we were making. The spice was being sent to Corellia to poison the upper-class of the population that liked to use Thruster Head Spice for its mind focus effects. We tried to burn it all but we think some of the spice was stored in an unknown location. Three of us were able to escape with our lives but 7 of our crew perished from unfriendly fire. So be on the lookout for Tainted Spice on the planet Corellia. This spice is not nice and will potentially kill you.

Journal entry dated July 08, 2020. Sorry for no journal entry over the past few days. We have finally made it to Corellia and we have found proof that the Tainted Spice is here and some smugglers are selling them for cheap on the market. We will keep looking for the people responsible for this evil action. The three of us vowed to find these people. Gotta go for now. Trying to find a safe place to bed down.

Journal entry dated July 17, 2020.   We have gotten information on a smuggler hideout on Corellia that was selling this tainted spice. The location was hidden in the upper west part of the planet. Tomorrow we are going to try and get in the hideout and see what that place is about.

Moonbeam will gathering the items from each person and will distribute the rewards. Once all the tainted spice are found and verified, Moonbeam will pick someone (Dice Roll) to receive a CSR Token that can be redeemed at the prize hall on Tatooine at 6591 5446 (/waypoint 6591 5446). Thank you again. Read the Rules!!!"

Tainted Spice A: FOUND - July 22, 2020
Tainted Spice B: FOUND - July 30, 2020
Tainted Spice C: FOUND - July 19, 2020
Tainted Spice D: FOUND - July 29, 2020
Tainted Spice E: FOUND - July 19, 2020
Tainted Spice F: FOUND - July 31, 2020
Tainted Spice G: FOUND - July 19, 2020
Tainted Spice H: FOUND - July 31, 2020


Tainted Spice A:
Tainted Spice B:
Tainted Spice C:
Tainted Spice D:
Tainted Spice E:
Tainted Spice F: A Starport is close by
Tainted Spice G:
Tainted Spice H: Refer to Hint F

01. The Thruster Head Tainted Spice A through H are located on a vendor in any public building. Remember, purchase the tainted spice from the vendor.
02. Only one entry per account. Once you find your first tainted spice please wait till July 29, 2020 6:00PM EDT before you look for another.
03. When you find a tainted spice, please do not share the location or the description of it with anyone. That way future Scavenger Hunts can be enjoyed.
04. Email Moonbeam in-game with item name and the coordinates of where it was found. In order to claim your prize, you may be asked a question about the item’s examine stats and you will need to answer correctly.
05. Check back here for updates about the search. Clues will be given out if a tainted spice is not found before July 29, 2020 6:00PM EDT.
06. On July 29, 2020 6:00PM EDT Moonbeam will open the Scavenger Hunt up so you can submit more than 1 tainted spice. Only the first item you find will give you a prize, but you will have a greater chance at winning the CSR Prize Token.
07. Winners in the scavenger hunt could have their in-game name used on the Forum, Discord, and/or Facebook. By taking part in the event you agree to the use of your name on all Awakening SWG platforms.
08. So we can keep the event fun for the entire galaxy please refrain from gathering more than 1 tainted spice so that more people will have a chance at finding one till July 29, 2020 6:00PM EDT were it will be open to anyone to submit more than 1 item.
09. This Scavenger Hunt was meant for 1 person not a group, please complete the search alone, so we can keep the event fun of the entire galaxy.
10. July 31, 2020 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) All items are considered dead and the scavenger hunt will be over.
12. Here is a link to see when July 29, 2020 6:00PM EDT relates to your timezone,

Special Note from Moonbeam: I'm currently in a remodel at my house so I may not log on everyday. Thanks for understanding.

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