Staff openings will be posted here with a complete list of requirements and instructions for applying.
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The SWG Awakening team is looking for additional developers to join the team and help create content for the masses. We want people from within the community that have experience.

Required Skills
  • 2 years experience with an object oriented programming language - preferably C++
  • Minimum of 3 months as an active member of SWG Awakening
  • Understanding of LUA scripts

Recommended Skills
  • Unix/Linux experience
  • MySQL experience
  • VM configuration/management

If you feel you meet the above requirements, don’t mind volunteering your time and would like to be involved in propelling SWG Awakening further forward, please continue...

Send Dirge a PM (on the forums) with the following information:
1) Your experience in relation to the listed requirements.
2) Have you ever followed any type of engineering process? If so, please explain.
3) Did you play SOE Pre-CU SWG? If so, what server? If not, please explain your Pre-CU experience level.
4) What excites you the most about being a developer with SWG Awakening?

*If you are selected as an Awakening Developer, your identity must be confidential to other players.