SWG Awakening 5 Year Anniversary Celebrations

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Hello to all of SWG Awakening’s members,

Wow, we made it to a grand old age of 5! With all those years being in continuous operation, and no database wipes. Thank you all for sticking with us, no matter how long you have been playing for!

To celebrate the 5 year voyage we have undertaken through this Star Wars Galaxy, we will be having the usual weekend long event (Restart on the 8th – Restart on the 11th), with paintings, double XP and a badge for your toons but we’ll also be running a few tiers of lottery (they will be drawn a week after being initiated).

This is how the weekend’s celebrations will work:
  • The two paintings will be awarded to the first toon on your account to login after the server restart on the 8th of November (this mechanism will be on until the next server restart).
  • A special commemorative badge will be awarded to each toon logged in between the restarts on the 8th and 11th.
  • All experience gained will be doubled for the period between scheduled restarts.
  • Three lotteries will be initiated at some stage over the weekend be drawn in one week’s time from the start date. Cyclone will announce when they are placed and their location.

    Prizes include:
    • Tier One: 1 CSR Prize Token.
    • Tier Two: A rare BARC Speeder Deed that isn’t currently isn’t in the loot tables.
    • Tier Three: The winner’s choice of either a Rebel Spire or Emperor’s Spire (NGE Housing) neither of which are currently in the loot tables.
To be eligible to get the anniversary rewards you will need to restart all Awakening clients and the launcher if you have either open, this is so the updated .tre file downloads to your Awakening install.

The Awakening staff team wish to thank everyone for making this community amazing, and sticking with us all this time! We hope you continue to enjoy playing SWG with us on Awakening for many years to come. We look forward to experiencing whatever the future has to throw at us together and enjoying the fun times along the way!

SWG Awakening Administrator and Community Support Team Lead
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