February 2024 Prize Hall Token Lottery

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CONGRATS to Lokla winner of the February 2024 Prize Hall Token Lottery

A Prize Hall Token lottery is active, this lottery will be run by the event promoter lottery droid. Located at Mos Entha, Tatooine outside the Starport, ( /waypoint 1307 3157), and will last for 7 days from now, feel free to enter as many toons as you want. When the lottery droid timer comes to an end they will randomly select a winner from all entrants, the chosen entrant will then be announced here and in-game (so keep an eye out for if it is you). Your Prize Hall Token will only be put on hold for one month after the draw, if you don't pick it up by then it will no longer be available (contact Koorlbardi to pick it up).

This event is designed to give people who don't have much time to spare for the long running monthly events or other live events a chance to get some cool prizes, we hope you enjoy!


List of items purchasable with tokens are here.

They are viewable at the prize hall on Tatooine at /waypoint 6613 5443

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