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During our sever restart this morning we applied a minor update to implement two of the most requested features. Nearly every player has had experience operating a vendor or trying to find one that has the item(s) they need. We're hoping these changes will take a lot of the frustration out of both.

Shoppers will now have the ability to filter their vendor searches based on keyword and price. Just look for your crate of blue milk for under 5000cr and save yourself the time of looking through thousands of items!

Shopkeepers that have trained the Novice Merchant skill will now have the "Restock Vendor" option available from the radial menu on their vendors. For a per item fee of 50 credits all expired items will be relisted at their original price. Bonus for mayors: if a vendor is within a city's borders a percentage of this fee will be deposited in the treasury.

Note: For the improved vendor search to be available players will need to have their Awakening files up to date. If the feature doesn't appear to be working restart your launcher and client.

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