SWG Awakening's New Launcher Public Testing Phase

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SWG Awakening's New Launcher Public Testing Phase

The new launcher is now in a state ready for public testing. Please note that this does not mean it is replacing the old launcher yet, the old launcher will still remain the official production launcher until we announce otherwise. This is just to give those of you who are curious or want to help out testing stability a chance to use it before release.

While it has already gone through extensive testing to eliminate most issues, please do not replace your current launcher or install this to the same directory as the current one yet. If you experience any issues with regard to the new launcher while testing, please open a new ticket detailing the issue you are having (and the OS you are using). You can do this by following the instructions at our Support page in the navigation bar at the top of the website. Before doing so please make sure you have followed the instructions listed at the download page and have used the correct file to install the launcher.

Download and Install Instructions:
https://github.com/CycloneAwakening/SWG ... tag/v1.1.2

Support for Linux and Mac systems is not guaranteed, neither has it been tested but it should theoretically be implemented. Windows is the intended OS for use with the launcher.

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