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Hello all, we had a system outage earlier on today at around 5:15pm EDT (U.S. Eastern), we started investigating what was going on at around 5:30pm EDT. Our host machine went down (all of our hosted services went offline as a result), we required our service provider to investigate the situation and reboot it for us. Everything has recovered now, but I just thought I'd post the updates I provided about it in Discord for those of you to look at who are not joined up.

Initial Update - 6:08 pm EDT (U.S. Eastern)
Hi all, the host server for Awakening has gone down. We have contacted our service provider to get them to investigate and reboot it for us. Once we're back in we'll bring Awakening up. At this point we are at the mercy of our service provider's support team. We'll let you all know once we've got more to share.

Second Update - 6:18pm EDT (U.S. Eastern)
Well, that was speedy, looks like we're back up already. Some of our peripheral services will still be down but the live server is operational again. The launcher patch system may be unreachable for a little while, there is a little cancel button you can use to cancel the process if you need to in order to re-enable the play button. We'll get the rest of our services back up and running as soon as possible. The launcher status will be inaccurate for a while too, that relays from a status checker that lives on our web server.

Current Update - 6:31pm EDT (U.S. Eastern)
All right, I believe I have brought everything back online that should be now. If you notice any issues please let us know via a ticket so we can investigate and resolve them as soon as possible.

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