As most know, Awakening isn't commercially owned/operated (i.e. no one gets paid). Awakening was started by the founders, BigQEd, Cynar and Incognito out of a desire to bring back a fun SWG Pre-CU server for people to enjoy and we want it to continue for many years to come!

As for our financial stability and the ability to operate long term: we are in pretty good shape (better than most other SWG projects out there). We truly appreciate any assistance players can give. It really does help support the cost of the project (servers, etc) and help the project move towards financial independence. Even small donations are very much appreciated! As most of our players understand, Awakening relies on donations to cover operational costs and any shortfalls in funding ultimately fall on staff to cover.

As a token, to show our appreciation for any donations received, the Awakening staff team will grant special forum and Discord titles for donations. All listed donation brackets are in U.S. dollars.

Forum Titles:
$1-10 donation - Title: Force Sensitive
$11-20 donation - Title: Initiate
$21-30 donation - Title: Padawan
$31-50 donation - Title: Jedi (Light/Dark)
$51-100 donation - Title: Jedi Knight (Light/Dark)
$101-200 donation - Title: Jedi Master (Light/Dark)
$201+ donation - Title: CUSTOM TITLE (limit 16 chars, subject to approval) The custom title and your name can be either Red or Blue.

Discord Roles:*
$1-200 donation - Title: Donator
$201+ donation - Title: CUSTOM TITLE (limit 16 chars, subject to approval) The custom title and your name can be either Red or Blue (must be the same as the forums).

NOTE: When you donate, please send an email to with the subject "Forum and Discord Title". Include your username for both the Forums and the Awakening Discord server, the paypal email used, transaction ID and the amount you've donated (this will match notices that we receive from Paypal). Also, additional donations will continue to increase your title level as you request them. For example, if you set up a Paypal recurring donation of $10/mo to, within a year you would have the Jedi Knight title.

In addition to the titles, the Awakening staff team will be grateful for your help in shouldering the server upkeep costs. If you would like to see where we are currently at with our monthly donation goal for our various upkeep costs, you can view a donation bar on the launcher and the forums, these are updated approximately every 12-24 hours.

Furthermore, to the afformentioned donation recognitions, SWG Awakening also has an incentive program that is run to help make sure our donation goal is met. This incentive comes in the form of a server wide XP multiplier. It will be turned on for the remainder of the month once the donation meter hits 100% on the following schedule:
  • Occurs on or before the 15th of the month - additional 0.50x
  • After the 15th but on or before the 20th - additional 0.25x
  • After the 20th - additional 0.10x

    Note: Awakening is on 2.0x when XP is at its standard rate, so the maximum donation bonus will bring us up to 2.5x.
Thank you all for choosing SWG Awakening as your home for SWG at its Pre-CU best.
*Any users that have donated before the implementation of the Discord donation roles must private message Cyclone on the forum with their Discord username to have their updated donation role applied.