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Welcome to SWg Awakening Pre-Cu!

SWG Awakening is a Pre-CU based Star Wars Galaxies Server powered by SWGEmu. Awakening's goal is to revive Star Wars Galaxies and bring back Pre-CU in all its glory! Awakening has a unique Jedi unlock system, that NO other server incorporates. The goal with this new Jedi system is to bring back some mystery when obtaining Jedi.

To play on Awakening, you will need a copy of the original Star Wars Galaxies client. An Empire Divided, The Total Experience, or The Complete Online Adventures is required. Clients obtained through illegal means are strictly forbidden. Copies of the game are still available at most major online marketplaces. Please visit Play Now for a full guide on how to connect to SWG Awakening.

Note: If you register and don't receive an activation email within 15 minutes, please, check your spam folder. If you continue to have problems activating, please send an email to our support team.

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Unread post Enhancement Terminals

After much evaluation and debate the Empire has determined that Rebel forces have damaged the Enhancement Terminals beyond repair. Those units will be replaced with brand new Enhancement Droids that will perform the same functions with some minor improvements. These droids carry more effective medical enhancements than the retired units were capable of delivering. Imperial officers have also been overheard discussing some of the advanced features and modules that can be equipped for special deployments.

Services provided by these units will be performed at no charge until they have been properly calibrated.

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Unread post Website Email Issue (Resolved)

The SWG Awakening website has been moved to a new server and the issues preventing email communications being sent out have been resolved. Anyone who registered or attempted a password reset during over the last couple of days and did not receive the expected messages should submit those requests again.

We apologize to anyone that was inconvenienced during the email outage.

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Unread post Staff Rares Sale! (Sold Out)

Rumors have begun to circulate that CSR tokens are appearing on vendors throughout the galaxy. However, little is known about their locations. Brave explorers will need to confirm their existence.

Six vendors have been spread out across the galaxy, each containing a single item. Three of them are CSR tokens that can be traded in for rare and unique items in the CSR prize hall!

Hints may be given beginning at 8pm eastern on July 19th if any of the location of any of these vendors are left undiscovered.

Good luck to all of our hunters!

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Unread post July 6th Patch

We put a small patch in this morning. Most of the items are bug fixes but put in a couple of game play improvements, with the most notable changes being applied to Creature Handler. Full patch notes can be found @ viewtopic.php?f=85&t=10392

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Unread post PvP Chat Channel

As promised, there is now a PvP Chat channel for anyone who wants to talk smack in a public channel. This is not a "no holds barred" channel. Players are not free to issue threats against other players or sling racial slurs but can sling as much mud as they would like as long as they don't cross the personal and/or hateful boundaries.

To make sure your brand of trash talk reaches as many people as possible we have added an additional Discord bot that will link the games PvP Chat channel with the #pvp-chat channel in the Awakening Discord.

PvP is a huge part of SWG and we want to promote it as much as possible here on Awakening, but we ask that any of your PvP interactions either to this new channel or to a private channel.

Have fun!

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