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Staff has grown increasingly tired of having to intervene when players can't be civil with each other in our general chat channel. Almost always, it starts with a bit of PvP smacktalk and escalates into something ugly. Nearly every instance involves the same players. Last time we went down this path leadership decided to just remove the channel altogether. We aren't going to that extreme because we really do have a great community here overall, and the last time it was removed was a devastating blow both to our population and the ability of those who remained to communicate.

However, we are drawing lines in the sand. There was a PvP channel created for smack talk. If you want to take shots at your opponent, take it there or to a private channel. All of it. If you are asked to take your PvP related rant to the appropriate channel by another player, attacking that player will not be tolerated. If staff does step in to address a situation we ask that you respect their requests. Arguing with staff or dismissing their authority to manage the situation will result in account bans for both the offender and any associated accounts. Repeat offenders may face permanent bans.

To be clear:
Talking about PvP in general chat is perfectly acceptable (e.g., "Where are the overt rebels", "There's a battle going on in Theed!").
Commenting, attacking and/or degrading another player regarding their PvP participation (or lack thereof) is not.

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