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Woohoo May 4th is here!

We will be conducting a server restart to enable the Awakening event system from a server restart on Friday the 3rd of May through until the following Friday (restart times are estimated to be at around 12 am AEST May 4th, 10 am EDT May 3rd , a minimum of 30 minute warning will be provided prior to bringing the server down). We will be giving players a chance to get two random event paintings. These will be able to be redeemed once per account (put in the inventory of the first character to login after restart). The commemorative badge for May 4th 2024 will be awarded to each character that is logged in during the event. Like usual there will also be boosted XP during the event, this will be equal to three (3) times the base server XP rate, keeping in mind we are currently in two (2) times boosted XP mode at the moment.

The Event team is planning on holding:
  • A NPC Scavenger hunt for a prize of a Rare Vehicle
  • A 24-hour Scavenger Box Hunt for Minor Tokens
  • A Major Token Lottery
Details for the above events are listed here.

There may be additional spontaneous/semi-spontaneous events being held throughout the week. The occurrence of these is solely based on the availability of our volunteer Event Coordination team members.


To summarise everything that’s guaranteed to be happening during the week:
  • Two random May 4th event paintings per account (put in the inventory of the first character to login)
  • A May 4th 2024 event badge per character logged in
  • Increased XP rate (3x the base rate)
All of these will be available from Friday the 3rd of May’s ad hoc reset, to the following Friday's ad hoc reset.

Thank you all for playing SWG with us on Awakening. We hope you enjoy!

The staff team wishes you a happy Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you all!

Community Support Representative Level II and Event Coordinator
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