May 4th 2024 Scavenger Hunts & Token Lottery

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Congratulations to Ish Kabibble and Tali'Zorah VasKidders our winners of the Scavenger Hunt and Prize Token Lottery Respectively

May the 4th is here and we have some persistent events planned for you all to enjoy!

The Major Prize Hall Token Lottery - Winner Tali'Zorah VasKidders
The lottery Droid outside the Startport in Coronet, Corellia is running a Lottery that will last 7 days for a Major Token for the Prize Hall, Feel free to enter as many characters as you like

NPC Scavenger Hunt - Rare Vehicle Reward: Congratulations to Ish Kabibble our Grand Prize Winner!
Koorlbardi and Rogue's Blue Spies have gone walkabout and we need them found! They all use the NPC Base for the Chiss Species and will carry the surname DjindaRogue

How it works; 10 (1 for each planet) Chiss NPCs will be placed at an undisclosed locations on each planet. Minor prizes are to be awarded to the first player to in-game mail Koorlbardi the waypoint (X, Y and Z coordinates & planet name and Full NPC Name) for each of the 10 NPCs. The grand prize for the first person to in-game mail Koorlbardi all 10 Waypoints (X, Y and Z coordinates & planet name). There will be a sample of the type of NPC you are looking for on display next to the Lottery Droid Located in Coronet.

Example of email submission: <firstname> DjindaRogue -993, 6, -5579 Naboo
Grand prize entry must include all 10 waypoints in one email!

First Clue: All NPCS are outside in the Wild Minus Dathomir.
Second Clue: Apart from Dathomir, the NPC's will not be found in a City or Outpost, Cave or POI
Third Clues: The following NPC's are in the Quadrants listed: Endor: NE, Corellia: SW, Naboo: SE, Talus: NW, Dathomir: NE
Fourth Clues: The following NPC's are in the Quadrants listed: Yavin 4: NE, Lok: SE, Rori: NE, Dantooine: NE, Tatooine: SE

Prizes will be awarded as follows:
  • A minor token for the first character to find each NPC (one prize per NPC) and in-game mail Koorlbardi its location
    • Limit of one minor token prize per account

      Locations Found to date:
      • Endor - Player: Found Congratulations to O-ta
      • Corellia - Player: Found Congratulations to Nagroz
      • Naboo - Player: Found Congratulations to Duust
      • Talus - Player: Found Congratulations to Gitmo
      • Dathomir - Player: Found Congratulations to Lokla!
      • Yavin 4 - Player: [Found Congratulations to Oldbugss
      • Lok - Player: Found Congratulations to Mikee
      • Rori - Player: ACTIVE
      • Dantooine - Player: ACTIVE
      • Tatooine - Player Player: ACTIVE
    • Grand prize for the first player to find and in-game mail Koorlbardi the correct location of all 10 NPCs (player's choice of a rare vehicle from the list below). Grand prize entry must include all 10 waypoints.
      • BARC Speeder
      • Imperial BARC Speeder
      • Rebel BARC Speeder
      • AB-1 Landspeeder
      • Desert Skiff/Transport Skiff
      • Mustafar Lava Skiff
      • Tantive-IV Landspeeder
      • USV-5 Landspeeder
      • V-35 Landspeeder
      • XP-38 Landspeeder
      24 Hour Minor Token Scavenger Hunt
      24 hour Scavenger boxes have been scattered (one per location listed), They contain 1 Minor token and 4 Counterfeit Tokens. These Boxes can be looted 1 item only once per Person, by coded design.
      • They are Located on Tatooine: Mos Entha, Mos Espa, Mos Eisley & Bestine
      • Naboo: Keren, Theed, Moenia & Kadaara
      • Corellia: Coronet, Kor Vella, Tyrena & Doaba Guefel
      • Lok: Nyms Starport
      • Rori: Restuss
      • Talus: Nashal

      Players that bring 4 Counterfeit Tokens to Koorlbardi or Rogue will receive a random lucky dip prize of Staff Choosing.
      These boxes will expire after 24 hours, so are only up for May the 4th.
      This event has Expired

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