Rules & Policies for the game server and forum
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Exploiting will not be tolerated on Awakening. Using broken game mechanics or terrain bugs will be not be tolerated and will result in an account being deleted. We will investigate every report into this matter and those taking advantage or who have taken advantage will be dealt with. If you find something that is not working the way it is supposed to you report it in the bug report thread in the support section of the forums.

If you have been foolish enough to have done his an have loot or are selling loot on a vendor or in chat this is your last chance to destroy said loot and file a bug ticket before you are penalized. Do not post said exploits on the forums. Those reporting exploiters that are proven will be rewarded.

We want everyone to play and have fun. Those that take advantage are scum and will be dealt with swiftly! Anyone exploiting Jedi in anyway shape or form will have that character deleted immediately.

My comments are in no way reflective of those of the current Awakening Staff. Please do not mistake my opinions or statements as official representation of the Awakening team. My opinions and comments are purely my own.