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Welcome to SWg Awakening Pre-Cu!

SWG Awakening is a Pre-CU based Star Wars Galaxies Server powered by SWGEmu. Awakening's goal is to revive Star Wars Galaxies and bring back Pre-CU in all its glory! Awakening has a unique Jedi unlock system, that NO other server incorporates. The goal with this new Jedi system is to bring back some mystery when obtaining Jedi.

To play on Awakening, you will need a copy of the original Star Wars Galaxies client. An Empire Divided, The Total Experience, or The Complete Online Adventures is required. Clients obtained through illegal means are strictly forbidden. Copies of the game are still available at most major online retailers. Please visit How To Connect for a full guide on how to connect to SWG Awakening.

Note: If you register and don't receive an activation email within 15 minutes, please, check your spam folder. If you continue to have problems activating, please send an email to our support team.

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Life Day 2020


What is Wookiee Life Day?
Wookiees have a primitive patriarchy with a complicated lineage structure, initiation rites, and a religion that rejects materialism. One of the most important Wookiee customs is Life Day, wherein extended Wookiee families gather and celebrate a day of joy and harmony, as promised by the Tree of Life. Even the Imperial blockade that is stationed around their enslaved home world could not keep Wookiees from recognizing this most important day.Image


An Artist Rendition of the Tree of Life

Wookiees greatly value morality, courage, compassion and loyalty. A sacred and ancient Wookiee tradition is that of the honor family. An honor family comprises a Wookiee's closest friends and companions. These family members pledge a commitment to lay down their lives for one another, as well as members of any honor families these individuals may have.

The celebration known as Life Day is a celebration that is usually held at the Tree of Life on Kashyyyk, but because the Wookiee's are enslaved by the Empire and they have traveled to many places in the galaxy, they have held their holiday wherever they were and have invited their non-Wookiee friends to be a part of their celebration of life as part of their honor family. Originally, the celebration is held once every three years, but as the joyous holiday has spread through the galaxy, many species and cultures hold the celebration once a year.

Being a Part of Life Day

ImageLife Day is upon us. Traditionally celebrated on the Wookiee home world Kashyyyk, Life Day is a time to reflect on the renewal of life and to remember those who have passed on. In recent years Life Day traditions have been adopted by many species across the galaxy. Wookiees will often brave adverse conditions to make it home for this holiday, as it is an important time for family bonding and thankfulness. Life Day has become increasingly important to Wookiees since the Imperials have enslaved many of their kind.

Player's are encouraged to celebrate Life Day during the month of December and early January (see our Player Events page to learn how you can host an event with staff assistance).


Where to find the Life Day Wookiee

Originally celebrated on the Wookiee home world of Kashyyyk, Life Day has spread throughout the galaxy. Those who wish to learn more should head to Vreni Island (Corellia), the Lake Retreat (Naboo) or Anchorhead (Tatooine) where you'll find a friendly Wookiee in a red robe who will tell you more about the holiday. Beings that have been part of the community for more than thirty days will be given a Life Day gift to honor this special time.

One of the Kind Wookiees that will teach you about Life Day

Life Day Lore

Here are some sources of information where you can find out more about Wookiee Life Day:


Credit: Wookiee Life Day

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Staff Recruitment Announcement

We are excited to announce that we have recruited a new staff member to the team, this new member will be taking up the role of Event Coordinator Intern.

We would like to congratulate Rogue [EC Intern] on their acceptance to the role. Over the next few months Rogue [EC Intern] will be learning the ropes, and hopefully before long they will have some interesting events for you all to enjoy.

Please join me in welcoming them to the team when you see them about the place.

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Anniversary Lottery Results

Anniversary Lottery Results

The anniversary lottery has now come to completion. The droids have randomly drawn a winner from the pool of entrants. I would like to congratulate the following winner in each tier.

Tier One: 1 CSR Prize Token

Winner: Skwisd Drugul

Tier Two: 2,000,000 (two million) credits

Winner: Etienne

If you are one of the winners, please get in touch with me to collect your prize (via forum or Discord PM).

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Awakening 6 Year Anniversary Celebrations

Hello Players of Awakening,

Another year has passed us by, Awakening is officially 6 years old (on November 8th) and it’s safe to say this has been a rather hard year for most of us around the world. We, as a community, have been able to endure a global pandemic, and provide our players with an escape from the craziness that is 2020. Thanks to our vibrant community for being so welcoming and inclusive of new and returning players, you make Awakening truly special. A special thank you to those of you who have been able to donate to Awakening in the past or at present, your kindness is much appreciated by all of us on the staff team!

To celebrate the 6 years we have been adventuring through our very own Star Wars Galaxies with all of you, we will be having the usual weekend long event (Restart on the 6th – Restart on the 9th). The event will include a commemorative set of paintings, XP bonus and a badge for your toons. In addition to this, we will also be running a couple of tiers of lottery (they will be drawn a week after being initiated).

This is how the weekend’s celebrations will work:

  • Two random paintings from the commemorative collection will be awarded to the first toon on your account to login after the scheduled server restart on the 6th of November (this mechanism will be on until the next server restart).

  • A special commemorative badge will be awarded to each toon logged in between the usual scheduled restarts on the 6th and 9th.

  • All experience gained will be doubled (from the base rate of 1x or 100%) for the period between scheduled restarts, this means that the experience gains will be increased from their current level of 200% (base, plus a temporary increase due to COVID), to 3x or 300% of the base value.

  • Two lotteries will be initiated at some stage over the weekend, and be drawn in one week’s time from the start date. A staff member will announce when they are placed and their location.

    Prizes include:
    • Tier One: 1 CSR Prize Token.

    • Tier Two: 2,000,000 (two million) credits

  • Depending on availability of staff, there may also be scattered spontaneous live events across the weekend.

To be eligible to get the anniversary rewards you will need to restart all Awakening clients and the launcher if you have either open, after the November 6th restart. This is so the updated ‘fhemu4.tre’ file downloads to your Awakening install.

The rest of the staff team and myself would like to thank everyone again for their contributions to this community, whether that be as a player, or a member of staff, past and present. Without you, it would not have been possible for us to have made it to 6 years of continuous operation. We look forward to seeing all the amazing things that happen in our Star Wars Galaxies in the future, and we hope to see you with us for many years to come!

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The Mandalorian Season 2 Spoiler Policy

Hi all, with the imminent release of The Mandalorian season 2, please do not talk about spoilers openly on any of our services (forums, game, Discord, etc). The only place that discussion of the episodes will be allowed, for the first two weeks after the release of any episode is in #mandalorian-spoilers on Discord (flagged as NSFW temporarily). Posting about the episodes is also allowed on the forums but must be contained within a topic that is very clearly marked with "SPOILERS" in the title. This is to allow everyone a decent chance to watch each episode as it is released without having aspects of it spoiled for them, thank you for your understanding.

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