Ticket Tracker

Awakening Ticket Tracker System

Information - How to Open a Ticket

The SWG Awakening ticket system is integrated into our Discord server. In order to create a bug report or support request ticket you will need to sign-up to Discord (if you haven't already) at the Discord Registration form. When you have done this you can either download the discord app here or continue using the web browser for Discord, and sign in to your created account. Once you choose which way you would like to use Discord you will need to join up to the official Awakening Discord server via this link.

When you join our server you will see a channel list on the left hand side of the window, it is here you will find two seperate channel categories, "AWAKENING SUPPORT TICKET TRACKER" and "AWAKENING BUG TICKET TRACKER". These categories are used to house the respective ticket creation channels, and eventually your ticket too. To open a bug report ticket, you will need to go to the channel #create-a-bug-ticket and to create a support request ticket you will need to got to the channel #create-a-support-ticket. Both of these channels contains instructions on how to create the respective ticket type.

Note: A maximum of three tickets per user can be open at a time.